[U-Boot] [ANN] U-Boot v2019.07-rc4 released

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Tue Jun 11 01:31:47 UTC 2019

Hey all,

It's release day and here is v2019.07-rc4.   At this point, I know we
have some regression fixes for i.MX that are coming, and I'm expecting a
fix to the build time failure for tinker-rk3288.

To repeat myself about DM migration deadlines, first, let me say again,
that DM is not required for SPL.  This comes up enough that I want to
say it again here.  Next, if there is active progress on converting
things, we'll keep from pulling the code out.  This is why for example,
we haven't yet pulled out a lot of deprecated SPI code.  Some of it is
still in progress on being converted, so I need to update the series I
posted after the last -rc to remove still less drivers.

In terms of a changelog, 
git log --merges v2019.07-rc3..v2019.07-rc4
continues to improve in quality.  If you're sending me a PR, please
include a few lines or words in summary and I'll be sure to put it into
the merge commit.

As I mentioned with -rc3, with this cycle is coming closer to an end,
it's time to decide if we're going to keep this 3 month cycle or go back
to 2 months.  After the last release while I did get some feedback, the
overall balance is still in the 3 month bucket.

I'm planning on doing -rc5 on June 24th with the release scheduled on
July 8th.  Thanks all!

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