[U-Boot] x86: Slim Bootloader(https://github.com/slimbootloader/slimbootloader) support

Park, Aiden aiden.park at intel.com
Tue Jun 18 00:11:27 UTC 2019

Hi Simon and Bin,

I am a firmware engineer from Intel Corporation. We have developed new boot solution - Slim Bootloader(https://github.com/slimbootloader/slimbootloader) which currently supports qemu, Apollolake, Whiskeylake and Coffeelake platforms with FSP2.x. The Slim Bootloader is also designed with multi-stage approach and payload concept. We have a proof of concept with u-boot as a payload of Slim Bootloader and would like to upstream the changes into u-boot repository. I have a single patch for it and I am going to send it for code review. Do you have any comment or question before proceeding the code review? Please feel free to add any comment. Thanks.

Best Regards,

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