[U-Boot] [BUG] fs: fat: error when handling long file names

Heinrich Schuchardt xypron.glpk at gmx.de
Tue Jun 18 19:00:56 UTC 2019

Hello Takahiro

I hope you have an idea what might be missing in the FAT file system
support for long names.

When running the SCT I saw this error for the GetInfo functional test:

GetInfo() Basic Test - checkpoint3 -- PASS


SystemInfo->Size - 18, BufferSize - 18, Tpl - 8

EFI: Entry efi_file_open(000000007ef8c250, 000000007edeb0c0,
"BBTestGetInfoBasicTestCheckpoint3_File_0", 8000000000000003, 0)
Error: allocating new dir entry

EFI: Exit: efi_file_open: 14

EFI: Entry efi_file_open(000000007ef8c250, 000000007edeb0c8,
"BBTestGetInfoBasicTestCheckpoint3_File_1", 8000000000000003, 0)
Error: allocating new dir entry

In the EFI shell output to a file with a long name sometimes fails
(depending on the history of the volume).

FS0:\> echo a > foo
FS0:\> echo a > abcdefgh.ijk
FS0:\> echo a > abcdefgh.ijkl
** Unable to write file /abcdefgh.ijkl **

Up to now the SCT test is the only thing that fails reproducibly.

I use this repo for building:

make sct-prepare
make sct

Best regards


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