[U-Boot] Das U-Boot 'bootaux' command breaks USB communication from and to main CPU

Lucan de Groot lucan.degroot at quby.com
Wed Jun 26 08:21:05 UTC 2019

Dear sir, madam,

Our product uses the i.MX 6SoloX SOC with a Cortex A9 and M4, U-Boot runs on the A9 and boots Linux. But before booting Linux it executes the 'bootaux 0x7F800' command to boot the M4. However, Linux is unable to initialize the USB when this command is executed.

This problem persist when:

- there is no binary loaded on the M4 (and thus it is not code on the M4 that's breaking the USB);

- the bootaux command is called with a different address (and thus not it is not booting the M4 that's breaking the USB).

The problem is solved when the bootaux command is removed from the boot sequence. However, this way only the A9 boots and we would like to boot the M4 as well.

Our U-Boot version is: 2015.04-master+gc75e0f3

We are currently looking into different ways to boot the M4 from Linux instead of U-Boot, however we were hoping you could help us too.

Hope te hear from you soon,

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