[U-Boot] OMAP3+ EHCI DM_USB Conversion

Adam Ford aford173 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 13:23:36 UTC 2019

Looking at the OMAP3 family, there is a single host controller called
usbhshost.  It has the option of having up to 3 ports.  Under
usbhshost, there are sub-nodes which have ohci and ehci.

I am trying to port the EHCI controller to DM_USB to pull in the
device tree info.

I am fairly certain the ehci controller itself needs to be .id =
UCLASS_USB, but I am not sure what class of device should be the upper
level node, usbhshost, which contains the ohci and ehci sub-nodes.  I
need to pull the port info from usbhshost to properly configure the

I am not sure if my question makes sense, but the linux driver doesn't
seem to use the same class info as U-Boot, but I'm trying to model the
drivers after something similar in linux.  Can I use UCLASS_USB as

As of right now, by making the ehci node at the root level instead of
under usbhshost, and can get the USB to initialize with hard-coded
pdata values, but I am not seeing attached devices.  I'm still looking
into that part, but I want to remove the hard-coded values and replace
them with device tree reads as well.

If anyone has started this or has thought I'd love to hear them.


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