[U-Boot] [PATCH 0/2] tools: mkenvimage: Fixes for reading from pipes

Andre Przywara andre.przywara at arm.com
Sun Jun 30 01:44:59 UTC 2019

This fixes two issues I had when trying to create an envimage from a
more complex pipe:
- The read process stops when the read(2) syscall returns less bytes
  than requested.
- Specifying an input filename expects this to be a regular file.

See the respective commit messages for more details.


Andre Przywara (2):
  tools: mkenvimage: Fix reading from slow pipe
  tools: mkenvimage: Always consider non-regular files

 tools/mkenvimage.c | 71 ++++++++++++++++--------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 21 insertions(+), 50 deletions(-)


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