[U-Boot] One u-boot.bin for Raspberry PI 3 and 4 - possible?

Matthias Brugger matthias.bgg at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 10:46:34 UTC 2019

On 03/10/2019 03:44, Geoff Williams wrote:
>> And with a U-Boot based on f5c626c64874d6e1482edf4a76aa22e5e54be63d without my
>> patches you see correct behavior?
> The screen turning off issue was caused by a deployment script copying the wrong
> u-boot binary to the SD card! The patch does not introduce a regression on RPI 3
> (tested before/after patch).
> Once I switched over to the the real u-boot image the grub graphical font didn't
> load (irrespective of patch) I was able to fix this by changing the
> rpi_3_defconfig:
> -CONFIG_DEFAULT_DEVICE_TREE="bcm2837-rpi-3-b"
> I suspect my issues are to do with DTBs and that all these problems will go away
> once a single defconfig is available. The screen turning off issue I have no
> idea about but its from a much older version of u-boot and probably relates to
> something in the image I built.
> Sorry for the noise - lets park this one.

No problem, thanks for the feedback.


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