[U-Boot] [BUG] cmd : 'env exists envvar' does not display the existence of environment variable

Adarsh Babu Kalepalli learn2kab at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 16:06:12 UTC 2019

  Hello Wolfgang Denk,

It's my mistake to tag this observation as a bug.
I will take care such thing does not repeat .

Could you *please clarify* couple of my queries* regarding posting
questions* to the mailing list.

+ Most of the postings in the mailing list are observed to be code patches.
Could we also post our observations/opinions on the code/commands/issues on
a particular u-boot release and
discuss with other u-boot contributors??
If yes, is there any specific string (similar to [PATCH] for a patch or a
[BUG] for a bug etc) to be mentioned in the subject line??

I posted the below two queries earlier (first one yesterday and second one
during last month)

1.[U-Boot] cmd: clarification on 'env ask' command execution
2.Unable to delete the hush shell local variables

Both of them were not forwarded by the moderator (not sure what was wrong ).
I re-sent the second query yesterday to the mailing list with subject line
"*[U-Boot] [BUG] cmd : Local Hush Variable Could not be deleted* "
and it got forwarded.

So, any specific guidelines to post queries/observations/bugs for
discussion will be definitely helpful
and keep us going.

+ For newbies, could you  suggest any pre-requisites, initial documents or
guidelines to follow while they
explore u-boot ( from user/tester/developer perspective ).


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On Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 4:06 PM Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> wrote:

> Dear Adarsh Babu Kalepalli,
> you should not flag your postings with a BUG marker if you simply
> domn't understand how to use the tools.  Please do this only when
> you are really sure there is a misbehaviour.
> In message <CAJgxa7cv2GiQpS3HwMgC=uAN88Z0KM5b7Frei_gEik1xC=
> nqyg at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> >
> > 'env exists env_varName' does not display the existance
> > status of 'env_varName' environment variable.
> Which part of the documention states that it should _display_ such a
> status?
> > env exists name - tests for existence of variable
> This says it "tests", but it does say nothing obout outputting any
> such information.  The command to output such information is "env
> print".
> > => printenv ver
> > ver=U-Boot 2019.10 (Oct 14 2019 - 00:47:50 -0700)
> > => env exists ver
> > =>
> > -----------------------------------------
> >
> > What is the expected Output and where is the result updated??
> Above behaviour is absolutely correct.  The command returns a
> proper status which can be used in conditionals etc., for example:
> U-Boot> env exists foo ; echo RC=$?
> RC=1
> U-Boot> if env exists bootdelay ; then echo BOOTDELAY exists ; else echo
> BOOTDELAY does not exist ; fi
> BOOTDELAY exists
> U-Boot> if env exists bootdelay ; then echo BOOTDELAZ exists ; else echo
> BOOTDELAZ does not exist ; fi
> BOOTDELAZ exists
> U-Boot> env exists bootdelay && printenv bootdelay
> bootdelay=3
> There is no bug.
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk
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