[U-Boot] i.MX6UL Secure Boot Problem

Emre Karaaslan memrekaraaslan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 19:15:46 UTC 2019

Hello and good work.

I am trying to make my i.MX6UL board secure. I'm using the Yocto "sumo" distribution, and I have a few questions before moving on to signing images with HAB.

First, I implemented an open source secure software update (OTA) solution called mender.io on my board. Mender splits the boot loader into 4 parts. It consists of 4 parts: there is one boot, two rootfs and one data partition. "Core-image-minimal" was used as the target image and a file named "u-boot-spl.img" consists of .img files after bitbake. Mender uses this file as bootloader. So actually we need to sign separately SPL and u-boot but When mender is used, SPL and uboot are used as a single bootloader.. Then can I sign u-boot-spl.img instead of signing separately? Is it possible to implement HAB in this way?

The image that I downloaded shows the result of bitbake.

I want to implement HAB when working with Mender. How should I proceed? I'd appreciate it if you helped.
Thank you.

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