[U-Boot] [PATCHv2 10/13] test/py: Rework test.py to be a different kind of wrapper

Stephen Warren swarren at wwwdotorg.org
Wed Oct 23 16:55:57 UTC 2019

On 10/22/19 9:20 PM, Tom Rini wrote:
> Now that we have moved to being based on pytest for python3 we need to
> make our test.py wrapper more robust in terms of only calling python3
> rather than possibly finding and using python2.  To do this, change from
> execvp()'ing pytest to invoking the package itself via python.  In the
> event that pytest is unavailable we still get a user-friendly error:

I guess if this works, it's fine. But I think it'd work just as well to 
simply s/py.test/py.test-3/ in the existing code?

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