[U-Boot] [PATCH 0/7] mmc: fsl_esdhc: clean up and shrink the driver

Yangbo Lu yangbo.lu at nxp.com
Thu Oct 31 10:54:19 UTC 2019

This patch-set is to clean up and shrink the fsl_esdhc driver.

Yangbo Lu (7):
  mmc: fsl_esdhc: drop controller initialization in fsl_esdhc_init()
  mmc: fsl_esdhc: fix voltage validation
  mmc: fsl_esdhc: clean up bus width configuration code
  mmc: fsl_esdhc: convert to use fsl_esdhc_get_cfg_common()
  mmc: fsl_esdhc: drop redundant code for non-removable feature
  mmc: fsl_esdhc: always check write protect state
  mmc: fsl_esdhc: clean up DM and non-DM code

 drivers/mmc/fsl_esdhc.c | 370 ++++++++++++++++--------------------------------
 include/fsl_esdhc.h     |  14 +-
 2 files changed, 129 insertions(+), 255 deletions(-)


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