[U-Boot] [EXT] Re: [PATCH 1/6] spi: fsl_qspi: Fix DDR mode setting for latest iMX platforms

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Fri Sep 13 13:11:56 UTC 2019

Hi Ashish,

On 12.09.19 14:36, Stefan Roese wrote:


>> The spi-mem version is still under debug, I could make it working
>> for ls1088rdb, ls1046rdb, but it is failing for
>> ls1012ardb and ls2088ardb and untested for i.mx and other Layerscape
>> silicon/boards . It is derived from work done by Frieder earlier.
>> This version can be found here:
>> https://github.com/erashish007/u-boot-spi-mem/tree/spi-mem-port
> Many thanks. I did some tests with this version and it seems to work
> fine in general on the i.MX6ULL EVK. My first tests show that reading
> and writing has no issues. So this is very promising. The only thing
> I noticed is, that when using SPI for environment via
> CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN_SPI_FLASH, the board hangs upon bootup while trying
> to read the env. Since you already added some debug print's to the
> env code, I suspect that you also did run into this problem.
> I'll try to help with this driver version. At least I can debug this
> env issue and can always do some test on my mx6ull platform for you
> once you have any updates here. Just let me know.

Okay, this one with the env in SPI NOR is fixed. Its a problem with
your PR debug printf macro. Please change it this way:

-#define PR(fmt, ...) \
-        fprintf(stderr, "DEBUG: %s:%d:%s(): " fmt" \n", \
+#define PR(fmt, ...)                                    \
+        printf("DEBUG: %s:%d:%s(): " fmt" \n", \

With this change, I can successfully boot with SPI NOR environment
on my board. I will do some further tests with your driver next
week and will get back to you with the results. Please keep me in
the loop, if you have updates on the driver.


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