[U-Boot] fpga spi on uboot driver

jérémy alcim alcim.dev at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 10:43:44 UTC 2019


I search how to make a multiplexing for my unstandar spi on my fpga.
why ? because my spi register are 1 slot more.
this slot is a sublayer for non standard connection data bus selector.
I have 1 card connected at 4 card by my spi implementation.
i want to use my spi chip on the fpga with the standard <sspi> command.
Then for that i make a spi driver.
on this driver i need to make 4 udevice (for only 1 spi chip on
why ? because i want set my registre slot for select the good data bus,
then for select the good card connected on him.
I have make a simple command who work, but its not approved by ma boss...
He want use the standard interface with the unstandard spi hardware.

I search find 2 week... but not find how to do.
Are you an idea for make 4 spi on uboot with only 1 on device-tree ?
Actually i write 4 time the same device on dts...
Then i run 4 time the driver... its not good...

Thanks for reading with my bad english ^^.

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