[U-Boot] Question about device tree usage and ranges

Aaron Williams awilliams at marvell.com
Thu Sep 19 11:35:29 UTC 2019


In my device tree I need to translate some address via ranges but I'm running 
into some issues. If I use ofnode_get_addr_size() it is not using the 
#address-cells and #size-cells nor is it performing the ranges translation. It 
always assumes #address-cells and #size-cells is 2 and doesn't translate.  Is 
this by design?

If, on the other hand, I use ofnode_get_addr_size_index, it is having problems 
on ARM64. One problem I see is in of_translate_one in fdt_support.c. Shouldn't 
there be a fdt32_to_cpu or fdt64_to_cpu for the address after the memcpy in 
of_translate_one? I'm seeing the wrong endian address and size show up.

OF: ** translation for device console at 0 **                                                                                                      
__of_translate_address: bus: default, address: 00000007fff46d7d
OF: bus is default (na=1, ns=1) on pci-console at 0x03000000
OF: translating address: 00000000
OF: parent bus is default (na=2, ns=2) on soc at 0
OF: walking ranges...
OF: default map, cp=0, s=1, da=0
OF: parent translation for: 80003000 80400000 <======= WRONG ENDIAN!
OF: with offset: 0
OF: one level translation: 80003000 80400000 <======= WRONG ENDIAN!
OF: parent bus is default (na=2, ns=2) on
OF: no ranges, 1:1 translation


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