[U-Boot] ROCK64 fails to boot using U-Boot TPL

Simon South simon at simonsouth.net
Mon Sep 23 12:37:10 UTC 2019

On 2019-09-19 4:56 a.m., Simon South wrote:
> I've been unable so far to boot NetBSD on my PINE64 ROCK64 (v2.0, 
> Rockchip RK3328) using U-Boot built with its own TPL...
This definitely seems memory-related: After enabling the "mtest" command 
(patch attached) and running the memory test at the U-Boot shell I see 
all kinds of errors:

     Testing 02000000 ... 03ffffff:
     Iteration:      1
     FAILURE (read/write) @ 0x020014c0: expected 0x00000299, actual 

     FAILURE (read/write) @ 0x02001580: expected 0x000002b1, actual 

     FAILURE (read/write) @ 0x02001680: expected 0x000002d1, actual 

     FAILURE (read/write) @ 0x02001e40: expected 0x000003c9, actual 

Using the Rockchip TPL instead the memory test runs fine.

Is anyone else able to reproduce this?

My guess is the supplied configuration parameters (in 
arch/arm/dts/rk3328-sdram-lpddr3-1600.dtsi) for the RK3328's SDRAM 
controller aren't a match for the SpecTek LPDDR3 module on the 4GB 
ROCK64. (The Rockchip TPL seems to apply a different configuration, but 
also claims to drive the memory at only 333MHz.)

Assuming I'm on the right track here, what's the likelihood I'd be able 
to determine from the SpecTek datasheet how the SDRAM controller's 
configuration should be tweaked to get this working?

Simon South
simon at simonsouth.net
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