[U-Boot] help with serial on the rockchip64

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 01:33:36 UTC 2019

Em ter, 2019-09-24 às 18:08 -0400, Simon South escreveu:
> This is output from Rockchip's binary-only loader, which always resets the UART speed to 1.5Mbps. But it should be running before
> the U-Boot SPL, not after it.
I use NetBSD-9  and pkgsrc to build the u-boot
The NetBSD builds a fat32 partition starting at offset 32768 with 80Mb that holds the u-boot and boot logic for the rockchip
> How are you building the microSD-card image? Here are the commands I've been using to build working images for the ROCK64:
I burn the image on the sd card, and than  I write the u-boot imgfile
using the command: dd if=/usr/pkg/share/u-boot/rock64/rksd_loader.img of=/dev/rsd0d seek=64 conv=sync
note that NetBSD only uses ONE boot file...

In the fat32 partition there are  2 config files 
root=ld0a console=fb


You said: Rockchip's binary-only loaderalways resets the UART speed to 1.5Mbps

So the binary-only loader is it within the rockchip or makes part of the u-boot code???

why does the Rockchip's binary-only loader  is unable to detect the serial once I change the baud rate???

Thanks for your help


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