Antwort: [PATCH v3 13/29] dts: Add a binding for hid-over-i2c

Wolfgang Wallner wolfgang.wallner at
Wed Apr 1 09:39:26 CEST 2020

Hi Simon,

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>> + - acpi,ddn : Contains the string to use as the _DDN (DOS (Disk
>> +    System) Device Name)
>> + - acpi,hid : Contains the string to use as the HID (Hardware ID)
>> +    identifier _HID
>> + - acpi,probed : Tells U-Boot to add 'linux,probed' to the ACPI
>tables so that
>> +    Linux will only load the driver if the device can be detected
>(e.g. on I2C
>> +    bus)
>Will support for 'linux,probed' be mainlined? Otherwise the
>should IMHO mention that it is an out-of-tree feature.

I have thought some more about this property.
The Chromium discussions [1] mention that "linux,probed" is intended to be
a property in both Devicetree and ACPI, so a Linux kernel could handle the
device in the expected way whether it boots on a Devicetree platform or an
ACPI platform. The proposed "acpi,probed" property would only solve one such
use case (ACPI-based platforms): U-Boot boots, reads "acpi,probed" from
Devicetree, adds "linux,probed" to the ACPI description and hands that to the
Linux kernel.

Why would we not keep the name "linux,probed" for this property? U-Boot could
still do the same Devicetree -> ACPI translation, but the same property could
then also be useful for Devicetree-based platforms.


regards, Wolfgang


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