[PATCH v3] mips: cmd: go: Flush cache before jumping to app/image

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Mon Apr 6 12:49:56 CEST 2020

Hi Daniel,

On 06.04.20 12:47, Daniel Schwierzeck wrote:
>> On 13.02.20 07:04, Stefan Roese wrote:
>>> It has been noticed on MT7628/88 platforms, that booting the RAM image
>>> does not work reliably. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Debugging
>>> showed that this "might" be a cache related issue as very strange
>>> errors occurred (e.g. output corrupted etc).
>>> This patch adds a cache flush for the complete SDRAM area to the go cmd
>>> before jumping to the entry point for the MIPS architecture. The
>>> complete area is flushed as we don't know at this point, how big the
>>> area of the "application" really is.
>>> Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <sr at denx.de>
>>> Reviewed-by: Daniel Schwierzeck <daniel.schwierzeck at gmail.com>
>>> Tested-by: Mauro Condarelli <mc5686 at mclink.it>
>>> Cc: Daniel Schwierzeck <daniel.schwierzeck at gmail.com>
>>> Cc: Mauro Condarelli <mc5686 at mclink.it>
>>> Cc: Weijie Gao <weijie.gao at mediatek.com>
>> Just checking. What is the status of this patch? I don't see it in your
>> "next" branch.
> sorry for the inactivity, but for the last six weeks I was quite busy
> with business travel and day job.

No problem. I was just checking. ;)

> I'll rebuild the next branch and go
> through patchwork when the merge window opens. I guess it's to late for
> 2020.04 to squeeze some fixes in ;)

I don't have a hard need for this patch in the upcoming 2020.04 release.
So feel free to include it in the next merge window instead.


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