iMX8MM USB support?

Schrempf Frieder frieder.schrempf at
Thu Apr 9 12:02:09 CEST 2020

On 08.04.20 17:31, Tim Harvey wrote:
>> In my case I'm loading a FIT image, so things are a bit different.
>> Where are you loading the image to?
>> I have the following line in mx8mm_usb_sdp_spl.conf to load my FIT image
>> to DDR and jump to it:
>> /path/to/image/u-boot.itb:load 0x40200000, jump_direct 0x40200000
> Frieder,
> I was trying to load u-boot.img
> The SPL boots fine:
> U-Boot SPL 2020.01-00029-g5ad7797 (Apr 08 2020 - 08:16:53 -0700)
> read error from device: 9310b8 register: x!Normal Boot
> Trying to boot from USB SDP
> SDP: initialize...
> SDP: handle requests..
> But when I 'imx_usb u-boot.img' it complains there is no header on
> u-boot.img. I enabled FIT generation and attempted to 'imx_usb
> u-boot.itb' but imx_usb still complains about no header found.
> My mx8mm_usb_sdp_spl.conf loooks like this:
> mx8mm_spl_sdp
> #hid/bulk,[old_header,]max packet size, {ram start, ram size}(repeat
> valid ram areas)
> #In SPL, we typically load u-boot.img which has a U-boot header...
> hid,1024,0x910000,0x40000000,1G,0x00900000,0x40000
> #0x60000 - 0x8400 = 0x57c00, +0x3000=5ac00 (FIT image)
> ../u-boot-imx6/u-boot.bin:load 0x40200000
> ../u-boot-imx6/bl31-iMX8MM.bin:load 0x00920000,jump 0x920000
> What does your mx8mm_usb_sdp_spl.conf look like? I must admit I don't
> really understand how these are configured.

It looks just like yours except that I have a single instruction as 
already stated above:

/path/to/image/u-boot.itb:load 0x40200000, jump_direct 0x40200000

and I'm loading the FIT image by running './imx_usb' without arguments.

As imx_usb_loader can't parse FIT image headers, I use 'jump_direct' to 
jump to the raw image entry point and let SPL parse the FIT. I think in 
that case imx_usb_loader shouldn't complain about a missing header.

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