Serial Console not taking input

Diez Roggisch diez.roggisch at
Wed Apr 22 16:24:44 CEST 2020


I'm using u-boot v2018.07 within a custom product based on a Raspberry PI compute module 3. I have a serial console that works for output in u-boot, and out/input in Linux Land. So basic stuff like wiring, bps etc can be assumed working.

But I do not get to input any characters, meaning I can't play around with commands etc.

I rummaged throug the menuconfig and manual but so far to no avail.

Any pointers what could be at fault here, or how to investigate further?

As a note:a later version of u-boot is difficult to use due to the CM3 custom boot-loader. The most current one used in yocto/zeus - 2019/7 - works with the standard PI, but *not* with the CM3.



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