Problem building u-boot

Olivier BERTON olivier.berton at
Wed Feb 5 16:41:56 CET 2020


I'm a student working on ZedBoard FPGA, and I have to install a custom
Linux on the ZedBoard.
I have to build u-boot, so I'm following this Wiki :
In the third command I have to enter "Make", and I get this error :

cc1: error: bad value (‘generic-armv7-a’) for ‘-mtune=’ switch
cc1: note: valid arguments to ‘-mtune=’ switch are: nocona core2 nehalem
corei7 westmere sandybridge corei7-avx ivybridge core-avx-i haswell
core-avx2 broadwell skylake skylake-avx512 bonnell atom silvermont slm knl
intel x86-64 eden-x2 nano nano-1000 nano-2000 nano-3000 nano-x2 eden-x4
nano-x4 k8 k8-sse3 opteron opteron-sse3 athlon64 athlon64-sse3 athlon-fx
amdfam10 barcelona bdver1 bdver2 bdver3 bdver4 znver1 btver1 btver2
Kbuild:43: recipe for target 'lib/asm-offsets.s' failed
make[1]: *** [lib/asm-offsets.s] Error 1
Makefile:1579: recipe for target 'prepare0' failed
make: *** [prepare0] Error 2

I don't understand this error and I don't know where is the problem. Also
I didn't find the words "generic-armv7-a" or "‘-mtune=’ switch" in the
makefile of the u-boot, or in /lib/asm-offsets.c .
Could you help me?


Olivier Berton; Etudiant Polytech Nantes
Mail : olivier.berton. at
Téléphone : 06 81 51 63 04

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