Modifying uboot of Jetson TX2 board to add additional UART

vinmean iamdpak at
Fri Feb 7 07:19:37 CET 2020

Hello every one,
I am new here as well as to u-boot code. I am using nvidia's Jetson TX2
board. I got my self into this task of modifying the u-boot source to add
additional uart port for the TX2 board. All I have learnt now is to build
and flash the u-boot to the device. 

The TX2's U-boot that comes with the the board uses UART0 as the debug
console. I want to enable additional uart to the u-boot, say uart1. I want
to modify the u-boot code to wait for some commands on this port to make
booting decisions. I don't know which files to modify. I tried looking into
the source code of u-boot and I am unable to figure out where the uart
parameters are set. 

Given that the jetson tx2 board uses Arm Cortex A57 cpu (which is an ARMv8
chip - if I am right) should I be looking into the folder
u-boot/arch/arm/cpu/armv8  for enabling uart1/uart2 ? Or is this a board
specific modification that needs to be done ? 

Is my attempt to enable additional UART possible in the first place?

Thanks and Regards,

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