[PATCH] stm32mp1: remove fdt_high and initrd_high in environment

Patrick DELAUNAY patrick.delaunay at st.com
Fri Feb 14 13:36:57 CET 2020


> From: Patrick DELAUNAY <patrick.delaunay at st.com>
> Sent: lundi 10 février 2020 11:54
> Remove fdt_high and initrd_high (set to 0xffffffff) in stm32mp1 board enviromnent,
> and U-Boot always relocate FDT and initrd in bootm command.
> This relocation is limited by CONFIG_SYS_BOOTMAPSZ which indicates the size
> of the memory region where it is safe to place data passed to the Linux kernel
> (DTB, initrd), it is
> a) Less than or equal to RAM size.
> b) not within the kernel's highmem region
> So 256M seems large enough in most circumstances and users can override this
> value via environment variable "bootm_mapsize"
> if needed.
> This modification increases the boot time but avoid assumption on aligned
> address for bootm command.
> A user can still define this variables themselves if the FDT or initrd is either left in-
> place or copied to a specific location.
> Signed-off-by: Patrick Delaunay <patrick.delaunay at st.com>
> ---

Applied to u-boot-stm32/master, thanks!


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