sunxi_nand_spl reading zeros on NextThing C.H.I.P.

Yevhenii Hrabliuk z at
Sat Feb 15 19:32:42 CET 2020


I'm trying to get latest U-Boot to work on the NextThing C.H.I.P.

After borrowing NFC config from the Chip Pro .dts, I can write the SPL to NAND
after loading U-Boot via sunxi-fel and the bootrom will pick it up fine.
So the "full" sunxi_nand.c works.

SPL's sunxi_nand_spl.c appears to read all zeros however - I checked by adding
prints in spl.c/jump_to_image_no_args().

Can someone please suggest possible things to try to make it work? I tried
tinkering with the settings but I have no idea if that's even the issue.

The NAND is a Toshiba "TC58TEG5DCLTA00"; NTC's settings for it are presumably [1]
and sunxi_nand_spl.c autodetects the following settings:

page_size:16384 ecc_strength:4 ecc_size:1024 addr_cycles:5 nseeds:8 randomize:0



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