imx8m: composite clock wrong clock parent ?

Sébastien Szymanski sebastien.szymanski at
Mon Feb 17 10:57:48 CET 2020


I am working on a i.MX8MM based board and I got issue to make the
Ethernet phy work.
I noticed that the MDIO clock is not configured properly and the FEC
outputs a 26,6MHz MDIO clock.
That's because the clk_get_rate() call at line  1389 returns 24MHz
whereas it should returns 266MHz as it is set in the device tree and
configured in the SoC:

BIOS> md.l 0x30388880 1
30388880: 11000000

With some debug traces we can see that the enet_axi's parent is wrong:

fecmxc_probe 1388
clk_get_rate 447: clk clock-controller at 30380000
clk_get_rate 447: clk enet1_root_clk
clk_get_rate 447: clk enet_axi
clk_get_parent_rate 489: clk enet_axi parent clock-osc-24m
clk_get_parent_rate 489: clk enet1_root_clk parent enet_axi
fecmxc_probe 1390

Is this a known issue ?


Sébastien Szymanski, Armadeus Systems
Software engineer

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