[PATCH v2 0/3] Ethernet support for Raspberry Pi 4

Amit Tomer amittomer25 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 18:58:49 CET 2020


Thanks for having a look.

> Yeah, I had some success with 5.5-rc, at least till it goes into userland, which is good enough for this purpose.
> And indeed I could reproduce the early crash with genet compiled in vs. mainline U-Boot.

 Could not reproduce it with raspbian image but after using some
ubuntu image definitely see this crash.

>     writel(0, priv->mac_reg + SYS_RBUF_FLUSH_CTRL);
>     udelay(10);
>     /* disable MAC while updating its registers */
>     writel(0, priv->mac_reg + UMAC_CMD);
>     /* issue soft reset with (rg)mii loopback to ensure a stable rxclk */
>     writel(CMD_SW_RESET | CMD_LCL_LOOP_EN, priv->mac_reg + UMAC_CMD);
> before calling bcmgenet_mdio_init() in bcmgenet_eth_probe() and give this a try.
Indeed, it worked for me and can boot both the mainline and distro
kernel with it.

Also, with images loaded by TFTP


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