[PATCH RFC 00/20] MIPS: Add support for JZ4730 and Skytone Alpha 400

Lubomir Rintel lkundrak at v3.sk
Tue Nov 17 21:59:58 CET 2020


chained to his message are patches that implement support for the Ingenic
JZ4730 MIPS SoC and a laptop that's based around it.

Please consider this RFC-quality: there are some known issues that need to be
resolved before some of the patches could be applied (indicated in some of the
patches themselves) and there are also certainly issues unknown to me that
would be obvious to others given I haven't really submitted code to U-Boot
apart from some very trifial stuff. I'll be very thankful for any feeback.

The hardware support added by this patch set is essentially equivalent to
vendor U-Boot that's shipped with the machine: boot off NAND works, MMC,
UART and Ethernet are supported. LCD, GPIO matrix keyboard and OHCI USB
don't work at this point. CONFIG_DISTRO_DEFAULT makes it convenient to
run custom kernels in place of the vendor's one, but the compatibility with
the vendor kernels is retained.

The first three patches are not actually JZ4730 specific, but they are
dependend on by the JZ4730 work:

  [PATCH RFC 01/20] config: Remove CONFIG_SYS_ID_EEPROM
  [PATCH RFC 02/20] mtd: Allow building nand_spl_simple w/o SPL_NAND_ECC
  [PATCH RFC 03/20] cmd/mac: Don't build unless CONFIG_CMD_MAC is enabled

The rest of the patches implement JZ4730 hardware support:

  [PATCH RFC 04/20] mips: Don't access CP0_EBASE on JZ47XX
  [PATCH RFC 05/20] ns16550: Turn on the UME bit if on ARCH_JZ47XX
  [PATCH RFC 06/20] clk: Add driver for Ingenic JZ4730 CGU
  [PATCH RFC 07/20] timer-uclass: Tolerate failure to get clock rate in
  [PATCH RFC 08/20] timer: Add Ingenic JZ4730 timer driver
  [PATCH RFC 09/20] mmc: Default to JZ47XX_MMC=y on ARCH_JZ47XX
  [PATCH RFC 10/20] mmc/jz_mmc: Add a JZ4740 compatible string
  [PATCH RFC 11/20] mmc/jz_mmc: Support wp-gpio/cd-gpio
  [PATCH RFC 12/20] pinctrl: Add Ingenic JZ4730 pin control and GPIO driver
  [PATCH RFC 13/20] nand: Use correct prototype of board_nand_init() with
  [PATCH RFC 14/20] nand/raw: Add Ingenic JZ4730 NAND flash driver
  [PATCH RFC 15/20] watchdog: Add Ingenic JZ4730 watchdog timer driver
  [PATCH RFC 16/20] net: Add Ingenic JZ4730 Ethernet driver
  [PATCH RFC 17/20] mips: dts: Add Ingenic JZ4730
  [PATCH RFC 18/20] mips/mach-jz47xx: Add Ingenic JZ4730 support
  [PATCH RFC 19/20] mips: dts: Add Skytone Alpha 400
  [PATCH RFC 20/20] board: Add Skytone Alpha 400

In case someone finds git more convenient to work with than e-mail, here
you go:

  git pull git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/lkundrak/u-boot.git lr/alpha400

Thank you

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