enabling two UARTs at the uboot level (one of debug port and other for communication)

backup drive backupdrive117 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 07:30:56 CET 2021


I am using NXP Imx6 mx6sabresd processor board. it has three UARTs
available for the board. UART1, UART2 and UART5. In that UART5 is the debug
port and all UARTs are initialized in dts file and board.c files.

Now at U-boot stage I have UART5 as a debug port and also initialized

1. Can you please help me to find out a way to read/write using UART1?

2. Do I need to make any u-boot code changes to read/write some custom data
via UART1 at uboot stage? If yes which files I should change? and I am not
aware of the exact changes.

I am using uboot 2020.04

Thanks in advance

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