When is the console connected during spl run?

Chan Kim ckim at etri.re.kr
Wed Dec 8 10:38:46 CET 2021

Hello experts,

I was following u-boot-spl program on our board hoping somewhere serial port
will be initialized and also the console using the serial port.

In our FPGA board, there is a small 8 BM on-chip memory in place of DDR and
I can use two 51kB sram on-chip.

The spl program is loaded on the first sram and bss and gd was allocated on
sdram (actually it's on-chip sram as I said).

I followed u-boot-spl program using some debug prints on memory until it
goes into board_init_r function (in common/spl/spl.c). 

Just inside the function I see this line


void board_init_r(gd_t *dummy1, ulong dummy2)


u32 spl_boot_list[] = {







    struct spl_image_info spl_image;

    int ret;


    debug(">>" SPL_TPL_PROMPT "board_init_r()\n");




The "debug" macro is the one defined in include/log.h and because I added
"#define DEBUG" to the make argument, it uses this definition.

#else /* _DEBUG */



* Output a debug text when condition "cond" is met. The "cond" should be

* computed by a preprocessor in the best case, allowing for the best

* optimization.


#define debug_cond(cond, fmt, args...)      \

({                      \

    if (cond)               \

        printf(pr_fmt(fmt), ##args);    \



#endif /* _DEBUG */

So, am I supposed to see the message in my console? From the reset to this
point, I couldn't see any serial port initialization (this is arm64 and
board_init_f just returned doing nothing. No need to initialize sdram.).

How should I connect uart to console? Should I add my own board_init_f
function and do serial_init and console_init_f there?

Any comment or help will be really appreciated.


Thank you!

Chan Kim


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