[PATCH 0/1] fix SPI pinmuxing for Allwinner H6 SoCs

Daniel Wagenknecht dwagenk at mailbox.org
Sun Dec 12 20:27:44 CET 2021

The following patch fixes the SPI not working with H6 SoCs. I encounterd this
on a pine H64 model B board when trying to configure u-boot to work with the
on-board SPI flash. Register inspection showed that the pins were configured
for the wrong function '0b011' which is the SD/eMMC interface instead of
'0b100' which is needed for SPI. See Allwinner H6 datasheet section ' PC
Configuration Register 0'.

I also saw that a new config symbol CONFIG_SUN50I_GEN_H6 was introduced and the
SPI driver could probably be converted to that one to also work for H616 SoCs.
Since I don't have any Allwinner H616 based board available for testing I
didn't approach this.

The SPL SPI driver is not effected by this, since the correct conditional logic
was already implemented there.

Daniel Wagenknecht (1):
  sunxi: SPI: fix pinmuxing for Allwinner H6 SoCs

 drivers/spi/spi-sunxi.c | 3 ++-
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)


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