how to see cpp(C preprocessor) output for a file?

Rasmus Villemoes rasmus.villemoes at
Tue Dec 14 13:23:24 CET 2021

On 14/12/2021 09.23, ckim at wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there any way I can see the cpp output of a file (for example
> arch/arm/lib/vsprintf.c) after the build? (in the Makefile option for
> example)

make foo/bar/baz.i

for any foo/bar/baz.c file which normally produces foo/bar/baz.o.

If you have a arch/bla/xyz.S file, you can similarly do

make arch/bla/xyz.s

to run the preprocessor on the .S code. And if you want to see the
assembly generated from a .c file,

make foo/bar/baz.s

also works.


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