USB 2.0 Test Errors when XHCI driver is loaded on RZ/G2

Adam Ford aford173 at
Fri Dec 17 20:19:33 CET 2021

I have an RZ/G2 family of boards which has a USB 2.0 controller
connected to a hub with 4 ports on it.

I'm trying to run some hardware tests on the USB and when I issue the command:
    usb test 0 1 P

I get a strange error and subsequently a message that looks like it's
executing successfully, however the usb test signal is not present on
the USB port.

=> usb test 0 1 P
Setting Test_Packet mode on downstream facing port 1...
The request port(1024) exceeds maximum port number
^--The error message
Test mode successfully set. Use 'usb start' to return to normal operation.
^--The appearance of a successful command.

The error message that reads "The request port(1024) exceeds..." is
coming from the rcar XHCI driver, but that is not the driver hosting
the USB hub or USB device attached.

=> usb tree
USB device tree:
  1  Hub (5 Gb/s, 0mA)
     U-Boot XHCI Host Controller

  1  Hub (480 Mb/s, 0mA)
     u-boot EHCI Host Controller

  1  Hub (480 Mb/s, 0mA)
  |  u-boot EHCI Host Controller
  +-2  Hub (480 Mb/s, 2mA)
    +-3  Mass Storage (480 Mb/s, 224mA)
         SanDisk Cruzer 4C530001210813101175


If I disable the XHCI driver, and run the same commands, the error
message goes away, and the USB test signal is present on the USB
correct port, but the test signal is missing with the XHCI driver is
loaded, so it leads me to believe that the message is being propagated
to the wrong controller.  Somehow, by the time the message reaches the
XHCI controller, it also changes the port number to 1024 which is
clearly also incorrect.

USB dev 0 appears as my thumb drive

=> usb dev 0

Device 0: Vendor: SanDisk Rev: 1.00 Prod: Cruzer
            Type: Removable Hard Disk
            Capacity: 120864.0 MB = 118.0 GB (247529472 x 512)
... is now current device

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?   I was
wondering if the hub numbers should be unique instead of all being the
number 1.

thanks for any advice.

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