[PATCH 0/2] Add more support for NXP's mfgtool

Angus Ainslie angus at akkea.ca
Sat Dec 18 15:34:37 CET 2021

Hi Oleh

On 2021-12-18 00:44, Oleh Kravchenko wrote:
> Hello Angus!
> What is the use-case for these patches?
> Would you mind defining why the current implementation is not enough?
> Used like that:
>> FB: flash -raw2sparse mmc0 emmc.wic

Thanks, it looks like the way I'm using fastboot is causing the issue.

FB: ucmd setenv fastboot_dev mmc
FB: ucmd setenv mmcdev 0
FB: flash -raw2sparse all <image>

using your syntax I likely won't need these patches.

FB: flash -raw2sparse mmc0 <image>


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