How should I set load_address for fdt in the .its file...

ckim at ckim at
Thu Dec 23 10:48:49 CET 2021

Hello all,

I saw and
used it to make .itb file (FIT image).

(see the its sample right below the line saying : Let's try this out by
creating an image tree source file (.its): )

I was doing the experiment and found the load address of fdt was set wrong
and changed it to the next address after the linux kernel (but 8 byte

But the SPL program complains it can't find the 'configurations' node. So
I'm curious about how I should set the address.

But I'm not sure how to set the 'load_address' and 'entry_address' for fdt.
Should I set it so that fdt is just placed some place above the linux Image?

And why doesn't initrd image node have those 'load_address' and

Thanks for reading.

Chan Kim



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