[PATCH V2 05/12] arm: dts: imx8mn: sync dts from Linux Kernel

Peng Fan (OSS) peng.fan at oss.nxp.com
Sun Jan 3 11:11:37 CET 2021

From: Peng Fan <peng.fan at nxp.com>

Sync dts from Linux Kernel
commit f838f8d2b694cf9d524dc("mfd: ab8500-debugfs: Remove extraneous seq_putc")

Signed-off-by: Peng Fan <peng.fan at nxp.com>
 arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-ddr4-evk.dts         |  321 +++---
 arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-evk.dtsi             |  360 ++++++
 arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-pinfunc.h            | 1266 +++++++++++-----------
 arch/arm/dts/imx8mn.dtsi                 |  411 ++++++-
 include/dt-bindings/clock/imx8mn-clock.h |   30 +-
 5 files changed, 1501 insertions(+), 887 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-evk.dtsi

diff --git a/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-ddr4-evk.dts b/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-ddr4-evk.dts
index 9b2c1727a8..7dfee715a2 100644
--- a/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-ddr4-evk.dts
+++ b/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-ddr4-evk.dts
@@ -6,216 +6,151 @@
 #include "imx8mn.dtsi"
+#include "imx8mn-evk.dtsi"
 / {
 	model = "NXP i.MX8MNano DDR4 EVK board";
 	compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-ddr4-evk", "fsl,imx8mn";
-	chosen {
-		stdout-path = &uart2;
-	};
-	reg_usdhc2_vmmc: regulator-usdhc2 {
-		compatible = "regulator-fixed";
-		pinctrl-names = "default";
-		pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_reg_usdhc2_vmmc>;
-		regulator-name = "VSD_3V3";
-		regulator-min-microvolt = <3300000>;
-		regulator-max-microvolt = <3300000>;
-		gpio = <&gpio2 19 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
-		enable-active-high;
-	};
-&iomuxc {
-	pinctrl-names = "default";
-	pinctrl_fec1: fec1grp {
-		fsl,pins = <
-		>;
-	};
-	pinctrl_reg_usdhc2_vmmc: regusdhc2vmmc {
-		fsl,pins = <
-		>;
-	};
+&A53_0 {
+	cpu-supply = <&buck2_reg>;
-	pinctrl_uart2: uart2grp {
-		fsl,pins = <
-		>;
-	};
+&A53_1 {
+	cpu-supply = <&buck2_reg>;
-	pinctrl_usdhc2_gpio: usdhc2grpgpio {
-		fsl,pins = <
-			MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO15_GPIO1_IO15	0x1c4
-		>;
-	};
+&A53_2 {
+	cpu-supply = <&buck2_reg>;
-	pinctrl_usdhc2: usdhc2grp {
-		fsl,pins = <
-		>;
-	};
+&A53_3 {
+	cpu-supply = <&buck2_reg>;
-	pinctrl_usdhc2_100mhz: usdhc2grp100mhz {
-		fsl,pins = <
-		>;
-	};
+&ddrc {
+	operating-points-v2 = <&ddrc_opp_table>;
-	pinctrl_usdhc2_200mhz: usdhc2grp200mhz {
-		fsl,pins = <
-		>;
-	};
+	ddrc_opp_table: opp-table {
+		compatible = "operating-points-v2";
-	pinctrl_usdhc3: usdhc3grp {
-		fsl,pins = <
-		>;
-	};
-	pinctrl_usdhc3_100mhz: usdhc3grp100mhz {
-		fsl,pins = <
-		>;
-	};
+		opp-25M {
+			opp-hz = /bits/ 64 <25000000>;
+		};
-	pinctrl_usdhc3_200mhz: usdhc3grp200mhz {
-		fsl,pins = <
-		>;
-	};
+		opp-100M {
+			opp-hz = /bits/ 64 <100000000>;
+		};
-	pinctrl_wdog: wdoggrp {
-		fsl,pins = <
-		>;
+		opp-600M {
+			opp-hz = /bits/ 64 <600000000>;
+		};
-&fec1 {
-	pinctrl-names = "default";
-	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_fec1>;
-	phy-mode = "rgmii-id";
-	phy-handle = <&ethphy0>;
-	fsl,magic-packet;
-	status = "okay";
-	mdio {
-		#address-cells = <1>;
-		#size-cells = <0>;
-		ethphy0: ethernet-phy at 0 {
-			compatible = "ethernet-phy-ieee802.3-c22";
-			reg = <0>;
-			at803x,led-act-blind-workaround;
-			at803x,eee-disabled;
-			at803x,vddio-1p8v;
+&i2c1 {
+	pmic at 4b {
+		compatible = "rohm,bd71847";
+		reg = <0x4b>;
+		pinctrl-names = "default";
+		pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_pmic>;
+		interrupt-parent = <&gpio1>;
+		interrupts = <3 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_LOW>;
+		rohm,reset-snvs-powered;
+		regulators {
+			buck1_reg: BUCK1 {
+				regulator-name = "buck1";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <700000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <1300000>;
+				regulator-boot-on;
+				regulator-always-on;
+				regulator-ramp-delay = <1250>;
+			};
+			buck2_reg: BUCK2 {
+				regulator-name = "buck2";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <700000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <1300000>;
+				regulator-boot-on;
+				regulator-always-on;
+				regulator-ramp-delay = <1250>;
+			};
+			buck3_reg: BUCK3 {
+				// BUCK5 in datasheet
+				regulator-name = "buck3";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <700000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <1350000>;
+			};
+			buck4_reg: BUCK4 {
+				// BUCK6 in datasheet
+				regulator-name = "buck4";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <3000000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <3300000>;
+				regulator-boot-on;
+				regulator-always-on;
+			};
+			buck5_reg: BUCK5 {
+				// BUCK7 in datasheet
+				regulator-name = "buck5";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <1605000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <1995000>;
+				regulator-boot-on;
+				regulator-always-on;
+			};
+			buck6_reg: BUCK6 {
+				// BUCK8 in datasheet
+				regulator-name = "buck6";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <800000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <1400000>;
+				regulator-boot-on;
+				regulator-always-on;
+			};
+			ldo1_reg: LDO1 {
+				regulator-name = "ldo1";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <1600000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <3300000>;
+				regulator-boot-on;
+				regulator-always-on;
+			};
+			ldo2_reg: LDO2 {
+				regulator-name = "ldo2";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <800000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <900000>;
+				regulator-boot-on;
+				regulator-always-on;
+			};
+			ldo3_reg: LDO3 {
+				regulator-name = "ldo3";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <1800000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <3300000>;
+				regulator-boot-on;
+				regulator-always-on;
+			};
+			ldo4_reg: LDO4 {
+				regulator-name = "ldo4";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <900000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <1800000>;
+				regulator-boot-on;
+				regulator-always-on;
+			};
+			ldo6_reg: LDO6 {
+				regulator-name = "ldo6";
+				regulator-min-microvolt = <900000>;
+				regulator-max-microvolt = <1800000>;
+				regulator-boot-on;
+				regulator-always-on;
+			};
-&snvs_pwrkey {
-	status = "okay";
-&uart2 { /* console */
-	pinctrl-names = "default";
-	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_uart2>;
-	status = "okay";
-&usdhc2 {
-	pinctrl-names = "default", "state_100mhz", "state_200mhz";
-	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_usdhc2>, <&pinctrl_usdhc2_gpio>;
-	pinctrl-1 = <&pinctrl_usdhc2_100mhz>, <&pinctrl_usdhc2_gpio>;
-	pinctrl-2 = <&pinctrl_usdhc2_200mhz>, <&pinctrl_usdhc2_gpio>;
-	cd-gpios = <&gpio1 15 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
-	bus-width = <4>;
-	vmmc-supply = <&reg_usdhc2_vmmc>;
-	status = "okay";
-&usdhc3 {
-	pinctrl-names = "default", "state_100mhz", "state_200mhz";
-	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_usdhc3>;
-	pinctrl-1 = <&pinctrl_usdhc3_100mhz>;
-	pinctrl-2 = <&pinctrl_usdhc3_200mhz>;
-	bus-width = <8>;
-	non-removable;
-	status = "okay";
-&wdog1 {
-	pinctrl-names = "default";
-	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_wdog>;
-	fsl,ext-reset-output;
-	status = "okay";
diff --git a/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-evk.dtsi b/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-evk.dtsi
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..76d042a4cf
--- /dev/null
+++ b/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-evk.dtsi
@@ -0,0 +1,360 @@
+// SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0+ OR MIT)
+ * Copyright 2019 NXP
+ */
+#include <dt-bindings/usb/pd.h>
+#include "imx8mn.dtsi"
+/ {
+	chosen {
+		stdout-path = &uart2;
+	};
+	gpio-leds {
+		compatible = "gpio-leds";
+		pinctrl-names = "default";
+		pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_gpio_led>;
+		status {
+			label = "yellow:status";
+			gpios = <&gpio3 16 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
+			default-state = "on";
+		};
+	};
+	memory at 40000000 {
+		device_type = "memory";
+		reg = <0x0 0x40000000 0 0x80000000>;
+	};
+	reg_usdhc2_vmmc: regulator-usdhc2 {
+		compatible = "regulator-fixed";
+		pinctrl-names = "default";
+		pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_reg_usdhc2_vmmc>;
+		regulator-name = "VSD_3V3";
+		regulator-min-microvolt = <3300000>;
+		regulator-max-microvolt = <3300000>;
+		gpio = <&gpio2 19 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
+		enable-active-high;
+	};
+	ir-receiver {
+		compatible = "gpio-ir-receiver";
+		gpios = <&gpio1 13 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
+		pinctrl-names = "default";
+		pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_ir>;
+		linux,autosuspend-period = <125>;
+	};
+&fec1 {
+	pinctrl-names = "default";
+	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_fec1>;
+	phy-mode = "rgmii-id";
+	phy-handle = <&ethphy0>;
+	fsl,magic-packet;
+	status = "okay";
+	mdio {
+		#address-cells = <1>;
+		#size-cells = <0>;
+		ethphy0: ethernet-phy at 0 {
+			compatible = "ethernet-phy-ieee802.3-c22";
+			reg = <0>;
+		};
+	};
+&i2c1 {
+	clock-frequency = <400000>;
+	pinctrl-names = "default";
+	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_i2c1>;
+	status = "okay";
+&i2c2 {
+	clock-frequency = <400000>;
+	pinctrl-names = "default";
+	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_i2c2>;
+	status = "okay";
+	ptn5110: tcpc at 50 {
+		compatible = "nxp,ptn5110";
+		pinctrl-names = "default";
+		pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_typec1>;
+		reg = <0x50>;
+		interrupt-parent = <&gpio2>;
+		interrupts = <11 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_LOW>;
+		status = "okay";
+		port {
+			typec1_dr_sw: endpoint {
+				remote-endpoint = <&usb1_drd_sw>;
+			};
+		};
+		typec1_con: connector {
+			compatible = "usb-c-connector";
+			label = "USB-C";
+			power-role = "dual";
+			data-role = "dual";
+			try-power-role = "sink";
+			source-pdos = <PDO_FIXED(5000, 3000, PDO_FIXED_USB_COMM)>;
+			sink-pdos = <PDO_FIXED(5000, 3000, PDO_FIXED_USB_COMM)
+				     PDO_VAR(5000, 20000, 3000)>;
+			op-sink-microwatt = <15000000>;
+			self-powered;
+		};
+	};
+&i2c3 {
+	clock-frequency = <400000>;
+	pinctrl-names = "default";
+	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_i2c3>;
+	status = "okay";
+	pca6416: gpio at 20 {
+		compatible = "ti,tca6416";
+		reg = <0x20>;
+		gpio-controller;
+		#gpio-cells = <2>;
+	};
+&snvs_pwrkey {
+	status = "okay";
+&uart2 { /* console */
+	pinctrl-names = "default";
+	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_uart2>;
+	status = "okay";
+&usbotg1 {
+	dr_mode = "otg";
+	hnp-disable;
+	srp-disable;
+	adp-disable;
+	usb-role-switch;
+	samsung,picophy-pre-emp-curr-control = <3>;
+	samsung,picophy-dc-vol-level-adjust = <7>;
+	status = "okay";
+	port {
+		usb1_drd_sw: endpoint {
+			remote-endpoint = <&typec1_dr_sw>;
+		};
+	};
+&usdhc2 {
+	assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USDHC2>;
+	assigned-clock-rates = <200000000>;
+	pinctrl-names = "default", "state_100mhz", "state_200mhz";
+	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_usdhc2>, <&pinctrl_usdhc2_gpio>;
+	pinctrl-1 = <&pinctrl_usdhc2_100mhz>, <&pinctrl_usdhc2_gpio>;
+	pinctrl-2 = <&pinctrl_usdhc2_200mhz>, <&pinctrl_usdhc2_gpio>;
+	cd-gpios = <&gpio1 15 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
+	bus-width = <4>;
+	vmmc-supply = <&reg_usdhc2_vmmc>;
+	status = "okay";
+&usdhc3 {
+	assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USDHC3_ROOT>;
+	assigned-clock-rates = <400000000>;
+	pinctrl-names = "default", "state_100mhz", "state_200mhz";
+	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_usdhc3>;
+	pinctrl-1 = <&pinctrl_usdhc3_100mhz>;
+	pinctrl-2 = <&pinctrl_usdhc3_200mhz>;
+	bus-width = <8>;
+	non-removable;
+	status = "okay";
+&wdog1 {
+	pinctrl-names = "default";
+	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_wdog>;
+	fsl,ext-reset-output;
+	status = "okay";
+&iomuxc {
+	pinctrl_fec1: fec1grp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_gpio_led: gpioledgrp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_ir: irgrp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+			MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO13_GPIO1_IO13              0x4f
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_i2c1: i2c1grp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+			MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SCL_I2C1_SCL		0x400001c3
+			MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SDA_I2C1_SDA		0x400001c3
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_i2c2: i2c2grp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+			MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_I2C2_SCL		0x400001c3
+			MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_I2C2_SDA		0x400001c3
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_i2c3: i2c3grp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+			MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_I2C3_SCL		0x400001c3
+			MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_I2C3_SDA		0x400001c3
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_pmic: pmicirqgrp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_reg_usdhc2_vmmc: regusdhc2vmmcgrp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_typec1: typec1grp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_uart2: uart2grp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_usdhc2_gpio: usdhc2gpiogrp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+			MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO15_GPIO1_IO15	0x1c4
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_usdhc2: usdhc2grp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_usdhc2_100mhz: usdhc2-100mhzgrp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_usdhc2_200mhz: usdhc2-200mhzgrp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_usdhc3: usdhc3grp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_usdhc3_100mhz: usdhc3-100mhzgrp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_usdhc3_200mhz: usdhc3-200mhzgrp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
+	pinctrl_wdog: wdoggrp {
+		fsl,pins = <
+		>;
+	};
diff --git a/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-pinfunc.h b/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-pinfunc.h
index 3de8168cf8..faf1e69e74 100644
--- a/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-pinfunc.h
+++ b/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn-pinfunc.h
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
 /* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
- * Copyright 2019 NXP
- *
+ * Copyright 2018-2019 NXP
@@ -11,636 +10,637 @@
  * The pin function ID is a tuple of
  * <mux_reg conf_reg input_reg mux_mode input_val>
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_BOOT_MODE2_CCMSRCGPCMIX_BOOT_MODE2                        0x0020 0x025C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_BOOT_MODE2_I2C1_SCL                                       0x0020 0x025C 0x055C 0x1 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_BOOT_MODE3_CCMSRCGPCMIX_BOOT_MODE3                        0x0024 0x0260 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_BOOT_MODE3_I2C1_SDA                                       0x0024 0x0260 0x056C 0x1 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO00_GPIO1_IO0                                      0x0028 0x0290 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO00_CCMSRCGPCMIX_ENET_PHY_REF_CLK_ROOT             0x0028 0x0290 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO00_ANAMIX_REF_CLK_32K                             0x0028 0x0290 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO00_CCMSRCGPCMIX_EXT_CLK1                          0x0028 0x0290 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO01_GPIO1_IO1                                      0x002C 0x0294 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO01_PWM1_OUT                                       0x002C 0x0294 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO01_ANAMIX_REF_CLK_24M                             0x002C 0x0294 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO01_CCMSRCGPCMIX_EXT_CLK2                          0x002C 0x0294 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO02_GPIO1_IO2                                      0x0030 0x0298 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO02_WDOG1_WDOG_B                                   0x0030 0x0298 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO02_WDOG1_WDOG_ANY                                 0x0030 0x0298 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO03_GPIO1_IO3                                      0x0034 0x029C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO03_USDHC1_VSELECT                                 0x0034 0x029C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO03_SDMA1_EXT_EVENT0                               0x0034 0x029C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO03_ANAMIX_XTAL_OK                                 0x0034 0x029C 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO04_GPIO1_IO4                                      0x0038 0x02A0 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO04_USDHC2_VSELECT                                 0x0038 0x02A0 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO04_SDMA1_EXT_EVENT1                               0x0038 0x02A0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO04_ANAMIX_XTAL_OK_LV                              0x0038 0x02A0 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO05_GPIO1_IO5                                      0x003C 0x02A4 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO05_M4_NMI                                         0x003C 0x02A4 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO05_CCMSRCGPCMIX_PMIC_READY                        0x003C 0x02A4 0x04BC 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO05_CCMSRCGPCMIX_INT_BOOT                          0x003C 0x02A4 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO06_GPIO1_IO6                                      0x0040 0x02A8 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO06_ENET1_MDC                                      0x0040 0x02A8 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO06_USDHC1_CD_B                                    0x0040 0x02A8 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO06_CCMSRCGPCMIX_EXT_CLK3                          0x0040 0x02A8 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO07_GPIO1_IO7                                      0x0044 0x02AC 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO07_ENET1_MDIO                                     0x0044 0x02AC 0x04C0 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO07_USDHC1_WP                                      0x0044 0x02AC 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO07_CCMSRCGPCMIX_EXT_CLK4                          0x0044 0x02AC 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO08_GPIO1_IO8                                      0x0048 0x02B0 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO08_ENET1_1588_EVENT0_IN                           0x0048 0x02B0 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO08_PWM1_OUT                                       0x0048 0x02B0 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO08_USDHC2_RESET_B                                 0x0048 0x02B0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO08_CCMSRCGPCMIX_WAIT                              0x0048 0x02B0 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_GPIO1_IO9                                      0x004C 0x02B4 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_ENET1_1588_EVENT0_OUT                          0x004C 0x02B4 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_PWM2_OUT                                       0x004C 0x02B4 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_USDHC3_RESET_B                                 0x004C 0x02B4 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_SDMA2_EXT_EVENT0                               0x004C 0x02B4 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_CCMSRCGPCMIX_STOP                              0x004C 0x02B4 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO10_GPIO1_IO10                                     0x0050 0x02B8 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO10_USB1_OTG_ID                                    0x0050 0x02B8 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO10_PWM3_OUT                                       0x0050 0x02B8 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO11_GPIO1_IO11                                     0x0054 0x02BC 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO11_PWM2_OUT                                       0x0054 0x02BC 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO11_USDHC3_VSELECT                                 0x0054 0x02BC 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO11_CCMSRCGPCMIX_PMIC_READY                        0x0054 0x02BC 0x04BC 0x5 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO11_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OUT0                              0x0054 0x02BC 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO12_GPIO1_IO12                                     0x0058 0x02C0 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO12_USB1_OTG_PWR                                   0x0058 0x02C0 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO12_SDMA2_EXT_EVENT1                               0x0058 0x02C0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO12_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OUT1                              0x0058 0x02C0 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO13_GPIO1_IO13                                     0x005C 0x02C4 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO13_USB1_OTG_OC                                    0x005C 0x02C4 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO13_PWM2_OUT                                       0x005C 0x02C4 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO13_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OUT2                              0x005C 0x02C4 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO14_GPIO1_IO14                                     0x0060 0x02C8 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO14_USDHC3_CD_B                                    0x0060 0x02C8 0x0598 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO14_PWM3_OUT                                       0x0060 0x02C8 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO14_CCMSRCGPCMIX_CLKO1                             0x0060 0x02C8 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO15_GPIO1_IO15                                     0x0064 0x02CC 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO15_USDHC3_WP                                      0x0064 0x02CC 0x05B8 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO15_PWM4_OUT                                       0x0064 0x02CC 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO15_CCMSRCGPCMIX_CLKO2                             0x0064 0x02CC 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_ENET1_MDC                                        0x0068 0x02D0 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_SAI6_TX_DATA0                                    0x0068 0x02D0 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                  0x0068 0x02D0 0x0540 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_SPDIF1_OUT                                       0x0068 0x02D0 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_GPIO1_IO16                                       0x0068 0x02D0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_USDHC3_STROBE                                    0x0068 0x02D0 0x059C 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_ENET1_MDIO                                      0x006C 0x02D4 0x04C0 0x0 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_SAI6_TX_SYNC                                    0x006C 0x02D4 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                 0x006C 0x02D4 0x053C 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_SPDIF1_IN                                       0x006C 0x02D4 0x05CC 0x4 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_GPIO1_IO17                                      0x006C 0x02D4 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_USDHC3_DATA5                                    0x006C 0x02D4 0x0550 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_ENET1_RGMII_TD3                                  0x0070 0x02D8 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_SAI6_TX_BCLK                                     0x0070 0x02D8 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x0070 0x02D8 0x0538 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_SPDIF1_EXT_CLK                                   0x0070 0x02D8 0x0568 0x4 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_GPIO1_IO18                                       0x0070 0x02D8 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_USDHC3_DATA6                                     0x0070 0x02D8 0x0584 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_ENET1_RGMII_TD2                                  0x0074 0x02DC 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_ENET1_TX_CLK                                     0x0074 0x02DC 0x05A4 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_CCMSRCGPCMIX_ENET_REF_CLK_ROOT                   0x0074 0x02DC 0x05A4 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_SAI6_RX_DATA0                                    0x0074 0x02DC 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                  0x0074 0x02DC 0x0540 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_GPIO1_IO19                                       0x0074 0x02DC 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_USDHC3_DATA7                                     0x0074 0x02DC 0x054C 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD1_ENET1_RGMII_TD1                                  0x0078 0x02E0 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD1_SAI6_RX_SYNC                                     0x0078 0x02E0 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD1_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                  0x0078 0x02E0 0x053C 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD1_GPIO1_IO20                                       0x0078 0x02E0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD1_USDHC3_CD_B                                      0x0078 0x02E0 0x0598 0x6 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD0_ENET1_RGMII_TD0                                  0x007C 0x02E4 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD0_SAI6_RX_BCLK                                     0x007C 0x02E4 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD0_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x007C 0x02E4 0x0538 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD0_GPIO1_IO21                                       0x007C 0x02E4 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD0_USDHC3_WP                                        0x007C 0x02E4 0x05B8 0x6 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TX_CTL_ENET1_RGMII_TX_CTL                            0x0080 0x02E8 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TX_CTL_SAI6_MCLK                                     0x0080 0x02E8 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TX_CTL_GPIO1_IO22                                    0x0080 0x02E8 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TX_CTL_USDHC3_DATA0                                  0x0080 0x02E8 0x05B4 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TXC_ENET1_RGMII_TXC                                  0x0084 0x02EC 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TXC_ENET1_TX_ER                                      0x0084 0x02EC 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TXC_SAI7_TX_DATA0                                    0x0084 0x02EC 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TXC_GPIO1_IO23                                       0x0084 0x02EC 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TXC_USDHC3_DATA1                                     0x0084 0x02EC 0x05B0 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RX_CTL_ENET1_RGMII_RX_CTL                            0x0088 0x02F0 0x0574 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RX_CTL_SAI7_TX_SYNC                                  0x0088 0x02F0 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RX_CTL_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                               0x0088 0x02F0 0x0540 0x3 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RX_CTL_GPIO1_IO24                                    0x0088 0x02F0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RX_CTL_USDHC3_DATA2                                  0x0088 0x02F0 0x05E4 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_ENET1_RGMII_RXC                                  0x008C 0x02F4 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_ENET1_RX_ER                                      0x008C 0x02F4 0x05C8 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_SAI7_TX_BCLK                                     0x008C 0x02F4 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                  0x008C 0x02F4 0x053C 0x3 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_GPIO1_IO25                                       0x008C 0x02F4 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_USDHC3_DATA3                                     0x008C 0x02F4 0x05E0 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD0_ENET1_RGMII_RD0                                  0x0090 0x02F8 0x057C 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD0_SAI7_RX_DATA0                                    0x0090 0x02F8 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD0_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x0090 0x02F8 0x0538 0x3 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD0_GPIO1_IO26                                       0x0090 0x02F8 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD0_USDHC3_DATA4                                     0x0090 0x02F8 0x0558 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD1_ENET1_RGMII_RD1                                  0x0094 0x02FC 0x0554 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD1_SAI7_RX_SYNC                                     0x0094 0x02FC 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD1_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                  0x0094 0x02FC 0x0534 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD1_GPIO1_IO27                                       0x0094 0x02FC 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD1_USDHC3_RESET_B                                   0x0094 0x02FC 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD2_ENET1_RGMII_RD2                                  0x0098 0x0300 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD2_SAI7_RX_BCLK                                     0x0098 0x0300 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD2_PDM_CLK                                          0x0098 0x0300 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD2_GPIO1_IO28                                       0x0098 0x0300 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD2_USDHC3_CLK                                       0x0098 0x0300 0x05A0 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD3_ENET1_RGMII_RD3                                  0x009C 0x0304 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD3_SAI7_MCLK                                        0x009C 0x0304 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD3_SPDIF1_IN                                        0x009C 0x0304 0x05CC 0x3 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD3_GPIO1_IO29                                       0x009C 0x0304 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD3_USDHC3_CMD                                       0x009C 0x0304 0x05DC 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CLK_USDHC1_CLK                                        0x00A0 0x0308 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CLK_ENET1_MDC                                         0x00A0 0x0308 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CLK_UART1_DCE_TX                                      0x00A0 0x0308 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CLK_UART1_DTE_RX                                      0x00A0 0x0308 0x04F4 0x4 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CLK_GPIO2_IO0                                         0x00A0 0x0308 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CMD_USDHC1_CMD                                        0x00A4 0x030C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CMD_ENET1_MDIO                                        0x00A4 0x030C 0x04C0 0x1 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CMD_UART1_DCE_RX                                      0x00A4 0x030C 0x04F4 0x4 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CMD_UART1_DTE_TX                                      0x00A4 0x030C 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CMD_GPIO2_IO1                                         0x00A4 0x030C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA0_USDHC1_DATA0                                    0x00A8 0x0310 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA0_ENET1_RGMII_TD1                                 0x00A8 0x0310 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA0_UART1_DCE_RTS_B                                 0x00A8 0x0310 0x04F0 0x4 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA0_UART1_DTE_CTS_B                                 0x00A8 0x0310 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA0_GPIO2_IO2                                       0x00A8 0x0310 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA1_USDHC1_DATA1                                    0x00AC 0x0314 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA1_ENET1_RGMII_TD0                                 0x00AC 0x0314 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA1_UART1_DCE_CTS_B                                 0x00AC 0x0314 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA1_UART1_DTE_RTS_B                                 0x00AC 0x0314 0x04F0 0x4 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA1_GPIO2_IO3                                       0x00AC 0x0314 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA2_USDHC1_DATA2                                    0x00B0 0x0318 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA2_ENET1_RGMII_RD0                                 0x00B0 0x0318 0x057C 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA2_UART2_DCE_TX                                    0x00B0 0x0318 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA2_UART2_DTE_RX                                    0x00B0 0x0318 0x04FC 0x4 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA2_GPIO2_IO4                                       0x00B0 0x0318 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA3_USDHC1_DATA3                                    0x00B4 0x031C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA3_ENET1_RGMII_RD1                                 0x00B4 0x031C 0x0554 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA3_UART2_DCE_RX                                    0x00B4 0x031C 0x04FC 0x4 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA3_UART2_DTE_TX                                    0x00B4 0x031C 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA3_GPIO2_IO5                                       0x00B4 0x031C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_USDHC1_DATA4                                    0x00B8 0x0320 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_ENET1_RGMII_TX_CTL                              0x00B8 0x0320 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_I2C1_SCL                                        0x00B8 0x0320 0x055C 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_UART2_DCE_RTS_B                                 0x00B8 0x0320 0x04F8 0x4 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_UART2_DTE_CTS_B                                 0x00B8 0x0320 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_GPIO2_IO6                                       0x00B8 0x0320 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_USDHC1_DATA5                                    0x00BC 0x0324 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_ENET1_TX_ER                                     0x00BC 0x0324 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_I2C1_SDA                                        0x00BC 0x0324 0x056C 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_UART2_DCE_CTS_B                                 0x00BC 0x0324 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_UART2_DTE_RTS_B                                 0x00BC 0x0324 0x04F8 0x4 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_GPIO2_IO7                                       0x00BC 0x0324 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_USDHC1_DATA6                                    0x00C0 0x0328 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_ENET1_RGMII_RX_CTL                              0x00C0 0x0328 0x0574 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_I2C2_SCL                                        0x00C0 0x0328 0x05D0 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_UART3_DCE_TX                                    0x00C0 0x0328 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_UART3_DTE_RX                                    0x00C0 0x0328 0x0504 0x4 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_GPIO2_IO8                                       0x00C0 0x0328 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_USDHC1_DATA7                                    0x00C4 0x032C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_ENET1_RX_ER                                     0x00C4 0x032C 0x05C8 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_I2C2_SDA                                        0x00C4 0x032C 0x0560 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_UART3_DCE_RX                                    0x00C4 0x032C 0x0504 0x4 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_UART3_DTE_TX                                    0x00C4 0x032C 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_GPIO2_IO9                                       0x00C4 0x032C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_USDHC1_RESET_B                                0x00C8 0x0330 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_ENET1_TX_CLK                                  0x00C8 0x0330 0x05A4 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_CCMSRCGPCMIX_ENET_REF_CLK_ROOT                0x00C8 0x0330 0x05A4 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_I2C3_SCL                                      0x00C8 0x0330 0x0588 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_UART3_DCE_RTS_B                               0x00C8 0x0330 0x0500 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_UART3_DTE_CTS_B                               0x00C8 0x0330 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_GPIO2_IO10                                    0x00C8 0x0330 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_STROBE_USDHC1_STROBE                                  0x00CC 0x0334 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_STROBE_I2C3_SDA                                       0x00CC 0x0334 0x05BC 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_STROBE_UART3_DCE_CTS_B                                0x00CC 0x0334 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_STROBE_UART3_DTE_RTS_B                                0x00CC 0x0334 0x0500 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_STROBE_GPIO2_IO11                                     0x00CC 0x0334 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CD_B_USDHC2_CD_B                                      0x00D0 0x0338 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CD_B_GPIO2_IO12                                       0x00D0 0x0338 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CD_B_CCMSRCGPCMIX_TESTER_ACK                          0x00D0 0x0338 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_USDHC2_CLK                                        0x00D4 0x033C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_SAI5_RX_SYNC                                      0x00D4 0x033C 0x04E4 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_ECSPI2_SCLK                                       0x00D4 0x033C 0x0580 0x2 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_UART4_DCE_RX                                      0x00D4 0x033C 0x050C 0x3 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_UART4_DTE_TX                                      0x00D4 0x033C 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_SAI5_MCLK                                         0x00D4 0x033C 0x0594 0x4 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_GPIO2_IO13                                        0x00D4 0x033C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OBSERVE0                             0x00D4 0x033C 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_USDHC2_CMD                                        0x00D8 0x0340 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_SAI5_RX_BCLK                                      0x00D8 0x0340 0x04D0 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_ECSPI2_MOSI                                       0x00D8 0x0340 0x0590 0x2 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_UART4_DCE_TX                                      0x00D8 0x0340 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_UART4_DTE_RX                                      0x00D8 0x0340 0x050C 0x3 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_PDM_CLK                                           0x00D8 0x0340 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_GPIO2_IO14                                        0x00D8 0x0340 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OBSERVE1                             0x00D8 0x0340 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_USDHC2_DATA0                                    0x00DC 0x0344 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_SAI5_RX_DATA0                                   0x00DC 0x0344 0x04D4 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_I2C4_SDA                                        0x00DC 0x0344 0x058C 0x2 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_UART2_DCE_RX                                    0x00DC 0x0344 0x04FC 0x3 0x6
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_UART2_DTE_TX                                    0x00DC 0x0344 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                 0x00DC 0x0344 0x0534 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_GPIO2_IO15                                      0x00DC 0x0344 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OBSERVE2                           0x00DC 0x0344 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_USDHC2_DATA1                                    0x00E0 0x0348 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_SAI5_TX_SYNC                                    0x00E0 0x0348 0x04EC 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_I2C4_SCL                                        0x00E0 0x0348 0x05D4 0x2 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_UART2_DCE_TX                                    0x00E0 0x0348 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_UART2_DTE_RX                                    0x00E0 0x0348 0x04FC 0x3 0x7
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                 0x00E0 0x0348 0x0538 0x4 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_GPIO2_IO16                                      0x00E0 0x0348 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_CCMSRCGPCMIX_WAIT                               0x00E0 0x0348 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_USDHC2_DATA2                                    0x00E4 0x034C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_SAI5_TX_BCLK                                    0x00E4 0x034C 0x04E8 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_ECSPI2_SS0                                      0x00E4 0x034C 0x0570 0x2 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_SPDIF1_OUT                                      0x00E4 0x034C 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                 0x00E4 0x034C 0x053C 0x4 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_GPIO2_IO17                                      0x00E4 0x034C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_CCMSRCGPCMIX_STOP                               0x00E4 0x034C 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_USDHC2_DATA3                                    0x00E8 0x0350 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_SAI5_TX_DATA0                                   0x00E8 0x0350 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_ECSPI2_MISO                                     0x00E8 0x0350 0x0578 0x2 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_SPDIF1_IN                                       0x00E8 0x0350 0x05CC 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                 0x00E8 0x0350 0x0540 0x4 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_GPIO2_IO18                                      0x00E8 0x0350 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_CCMSRCGPCMIX_EARLY_RESET                        0x00E8 0x0350 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_RESET_B_USDHC2_RESET_B                                0x00EC 0x0354 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_RESET_B_GPIO2_IO19                                    0x00EC 0x0354 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_RESET_B_CCMSRCGPCMIX_SYSTEM_RESET                     0x00EC 0x0354 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_WP_USDHC2_WP                                          0x00F0 0x0358 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_WP_GPIO2_IO20                                         0x00F0 0x0358 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_WP_CORESIGHT_EVENTI                                   0x00F0 0x0358 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_RAWNAND_ALE                                      0x00F4 0x035C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_QSPI_A_SCLK                                      0x00F4 0x035C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                  0x00F4 0x035C 0x0534 0x3 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_UART3_DCE_RX                                     0x00F4 0x035C 0x0504 0x4 0x6
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_UART3_DTE_TX                                     0x00F4 0x035C 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_GPIO3_IO0                                        0x00F4 0x035C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_CORESIGHT_TRACE_CLK                              0x00F4 0x035C 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_RAWNAND_CE0_B                                  0x00F8 0x0360 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_QSPI_A_SS0_B                                   0x00F8 0x0360 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                0x00F8 0x0360 0x0538 0x3 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_UART3_DCE_TX                                   0x00F8 0x0360 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_UART3_DTE_RX                                   0x00F8 0x0360 0x0504 0x4 0x7
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_GPIO3_IO1                                      0x00F8 0x0360 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE_CTL                            0x00F8 0x0360 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_RAWNAND_CE1_B                                  0x00FC 0x0364 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_QSPI_A_SS1_B                                   0x00FC 0x0364 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_USDHC3_STROBE                                  0x00FC 0x0364 0x059C 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                0x00FC 0x0364 0x0534 0x3 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_I2C4_SCL                                       0x00FC 0x0364 0x05D4 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_GPIO3_IO2                                      0x00FC 0x0364 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE0                               0x00FC 0x0364 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_RAWNAND_CE2_B                                  0x0100 0x0368 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_QSPI_B_SS0_B                                   0x0100 0x0368 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_USDHC3_DATA5                                   0x0100 0x0368 0x0550 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                0x0100 0x0368 0x0538 0x3 0x6
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_I2C4_SDA                                       0x0100 0x0368 0x058C 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_GPIO3_IO3                                      0x0100 0x0368 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE1                               0x0100 0x0368 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_RAWNAND_CE3_B                                  0x0104 0x036C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_QSPI_B_SS1_B                                   0x0104 0x036C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_USDHC3_DATA6                                   0x0104 0x036C 0x0584 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                0x0104 0x036C 0x053C 0x3 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_I2C3_SDA                                       0x0104 0x036C 0x05BC 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_GPIO3_IO4                                      0x0104 0x036C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE2                               0x0104 0x036C 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CLE_RAWNAND_CLE                                      0x0108 0x0370 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CLE_QSPI_B_SCLK                                      0x0108 0x0370 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CLE_USDHC3_DATA7                                     0x0108 0x0370 0x054C 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CLE_GPIO3_IO5                                        0x0108 0x0370 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CLE_CORESIGHT_TRACE3                                 0x0108 0x0370 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_RAWNAND_DATA00                                0x010C 0x0374 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_QSPI_A_DATA0                                  0x010C 0x0374 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                               0x010C 0x0374 0x053C 0x3 0x6
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_UART4_DCE_RX                                  0x010C 0x0374 0x050C 0x4 0x6
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_UART4_DTE_TX                                  0x010C 0x0374 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_GPIO3_IO6                                     0x010C 0x0374 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_CORESIGHT_TRACE4                              0x010C 0x0374 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_RAWNAND_DATA01                                0x0110 0x0378 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_QSPI_A_DATA1                                  0x0110 0x0378 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                               0x0110 0x0378 0x0540 0x3 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_UART4_DCE_TX                                  0x0110 0x0378 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_UART4_DTE_RX                                  0x0110 0x0378 0x050C 0x4 0x7
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_GPIO3_IO7                                     0x0110 0x0378 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_CORESIGHT_TRACE5                              0x0110 0x0378 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_RAWNAND_DATA02                                0x0114 0x037C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_QSPI_A_DATA2                                  0x0114 0x037C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_USDHC3_CD_B                                   0x0114 0x037C 0x0598 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_I2C4_SDA                                      0x0114 0x037C 0x058C 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_GPIO3_IO8                                     0x0114 0x037C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_CORESIGHT_TRACE6                              0x0114 0x037C 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA03_RAWNAND_DATA03                                0x0118 0x0380 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA03_QSPI_A_DATA3                                  0x0118 0x0380 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA03_USDHC3_WP                                     0x0118 0x0380 0x05B8 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA03_GPIO3_IO9                                     0x0118 0x0380 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA03_CORESIGHT_TRACE7                              0x0118 0x0380 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA04_RAWNAND_DATA04                                0x011C 0x0384 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA04_QSPI_B_DATA0                                  0x011C 0x0384 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA04_USDHC3_DATA0                                  0x011C 0x0384 0x05B4 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA04_GPIO3_IO10                                    0x011C 0x0384 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA04_CORESIGHT_TRACE8                              0x011C 0x0384 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA05_RAWNAND_DATA05                                0x0120 0x0388 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA05_QSPI_B_DATA1                                  0x0120 0x0388 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA05_USDHC3_DATA1                                  0x0120 0x0388 0x05B0 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA05_GPIO3_IO11                                    0x0120 0x0388 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA05_CORESIGHT_TRACE9                              0x0120 0x0388 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA06_RAWNAND_DATA06                                0x0124 0x038C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA06_QSPI_B_DATA2                                  0x0124 0x038C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA06_USDHC3_DATA2                                  0x0124 0x038C 0x05E4 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA06_GPIO3_IO12                                    0x0124 0x038C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA06_CORESIGHT_TRACE10                             0x0124 0x038C 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA07_RAWNAND_DATA07                                0x0128 0x0390 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA07_QSPI_B_DATA3                                  0x0128 0x0390 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA07_USDHC3_DATA3                                  0x0128 0x0390 0x05E0 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA07_GPIO3_IO13                                    0x0128 0x0390 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA07_CORESIGHT_TRACE11                             0x0128 0x0390 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_RAWNAND_DQS                                      0x012C 0x0394 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_QSPI_A_DQS                                       0x012C 0x0394 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_PDM_CLK                                          0x012C 0x0394 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_I2C3_SCL                                         0x012C 0x0394 0x0588 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_GPIO3_IO14                                       0x012C 0x0394 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_CORESIGHT_TRACE12                                0x012C 0x0394 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_RAWNAND_RE_B                                    0x0130 0x0398 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_QSPI_B_DQS                                      0x0130 0x0398 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_USDHC3_DATA4                                    0x0130 0x0398 0x0558 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                 0x0130 0x0398 0x0538 0x3 0x7
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_GPIO3_IO15                                      0x0130 0x0398 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE13                               0x0130 0x0398 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_RAWNAND_READY_B                              0x0134 0x039C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_USDHC3_RESET_B                               0x0134 0x039C 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                              0x0134 0x039C 0x0540 0x3 0x6
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_I2C3_SCL                                     0x0134 0x039C 0x0588 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_GPIO3_IO16                                   0x0134 0x039C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE14                            0x0134 0x039C 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WE_B_RAWNAND_WE_B                                    0x0138 0x03A0 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WE_B_USDHC3_CLK                                      0x0138 0x03A0 0x05A0 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WE_B_I2C3_SDA                                        0x0138 0x03A0 0x05BC 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WE_B_GPIO3_IO17                                      0x0138 0x03A0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WE_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE15                               0x0138 0x03A0 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WP_B_RAWNAND_WP_B                                    0x013C 0x03A4 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WP_B_USDHC3_CMD                                      0x013C 0x03A4 0x05DC 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WP_B_I2C4_SDA                                        0x013C 0x03A4 0x058C 0x4 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WP_B_GPIO3_IO18                                      0x013C 0x03A4 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WP_B_CORESIGHT_EVENTO                                0x013C 0x03A4 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXFS_SAI5_RX_SYNC                                    0x0140 0x03A8 0x04E4 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXFS_GPIO3_IO19                                      0x0140 0x03A8 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXC_SAI5_RX_BCLK                                     0x0144 0x03AC 0x04D0 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXC_PDM_CLK                                          0x0144 0x03AC 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXC_GPIO3_IO20                                       0x0144 0x03AC 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD0_SAI5_RX_DATA0                                   0x0148 0x03B0 0x04D4 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD0_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                 0x0148 0x03B0 0x0534 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD0_GPIO3_IO21                                      0x0148 0x03B0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD1_SAI5_RX_DATA1                                   0x014C 0x03B4 0x04D8 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD1_SAI5_TX_SYNC                                    0x014C 0x03B4 0x04EC 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD1_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                 0x014C 0x03B4 0x0538 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD1_GPIO3_IO22                                      0x014C 0x03B4 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD2_SAI5_RX_DATA2                                   0x0150 0x03B8 0x04DC 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD2_SAI5_TX_BCLK                                    0x0150 0x03B8 0x04E8 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD2_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                 0x0150 0x03B8 0x053C 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD2_GPIO3_IO23                                      0x0150 0x03B8 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD3_SAI5_RX_DATA3                                   0x0154 0x03BC 0x04E0 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD3_SAI5_TX_DATA0                                   0x0154 0x03BC 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD3_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                 0x0154 0x03BC 0x0540 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD3_GPIO3_IO24                                      0x0154 0x03BC 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_MCLK_SAI5_MCLK                                       0x0158 0x03C0 0x0594 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_MCLK_GPIO3_IO25                                      0x0158 0x03C0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_SAI2_RX_SYNC                                    0x01B0 0x0418 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_SAI5_TX_SYNC                                    0x01B0 0x0418 0x04EC 0x1 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_SAI5_TX_DATA1                                   0x01B0 0x0418 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_SAI2_RX_DATA1                                   0x01B0 0x0418 0x05AC 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_UART1_DCE_TX                                    0x01B0 0x0418 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_UART1_DTE_RX                                    0x01B0 0x0418 0x04F4 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_GPIO4_IO21                                      0x01B0 0x0418 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                 0x01B0 0x0418 0x053C 0x6 0x7
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_SAI2_RX_BCLK                                     0x01B4 0x041C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_SAI5_TX_BCLK                                     0x01B4 0x041C 0x04E8 0x1 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_UART1_DCE_RX                                     0x01B4 0x041C 0x04F4 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_UART1_DTE_TX                                     0x01B4 0x041C 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_GPIO4_IO22                                       0x01B4 0x041C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x01B4 0x041C 0x0538 0x6 0x8
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_SAI2_RX_DATA0                                   0x01B8 0x0420 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_SAI5_TX_DATA0                                   0x01B8 0x0420 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_SAI2_TX_DATA1                                   0x01B8 0x0420 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_UART1_DCE_RTS_B                                 0x01B8 0x0420 0x04F0 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_UART1_DTE_CTS_B                                 0x01B8 0x0420 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_GPIO4_IO23                                      0x01B8 0x0420 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                 0x01B8 0x0420 0x0540 0x6 0x7
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_SAI2_TX_SYNC                                    0x01BC 0x0424 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_SAI5_TX_DATA1                                   0x01BC 0x0424 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_SAI2_TX_DATA1                                   0x01BC 0x0424 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_UART1_DCE_CTS_B                                 0x01BC 0x0424 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_UART1_DTE_RTS_B                                 0x01BC 0x0424 0x04F0 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_GPIO4_IO24                                      0x01BC 0x0424 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                 0x01BC 0x0424 0x053C 0x6 0x8
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXC_SAI2_TX_BCLK                                     0x01C0 0x0428 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXC_SAI5_TX_DATA2                                    0x01C0 0x0428 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXC_GPIO4_IO25                                       0x01C0 0x0428 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXC_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x01C0 0x0428 0x0538 0x6 0x9
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXD0_SAI2_TX_DATA0                                   0x01C4 0x042C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXD0_SAI5_TX_DATA3                                   0x01C4 0x042C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXD0_GPIO4_IO26                                      0x01C4 0x042C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXD0_CCMSRCGPCMIX_BOOT_MODE4                         0x01C4 0x042C 0x0540 0x6 0x8
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_MCLK_SAI2_MCLK                                       0x01C8 0x0430 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_MCLK_SAI5_MCLK                                       0x01C8 0x0430 0x0594 0x1 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_MCLK_GPIO4_IO27                                      0x01C8 0x0430 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_MCLK_SAI3_MCLK                                       0x01C8 0x0430 0x05C0 0x6 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_SAI3_RX_SYNC                                    0x01CC 0x0434 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_GPT1_CAPTURE1                                   0x01CC 0x0434 0x05F0 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_SAI5_RX_SYNC                                    0x01CC 0x0434 0x04E4 0x2 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_SAI3_RX_DATA1                                   0x01CC 0x0434 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_SPDIF1_IN                                       0x01CC 0x0434 0x05CC 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_GPIO4_IO28                                      0x01CC 0x0434 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                 0x01CC 0x0434 0x0534 0x6 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_SAI3_RX_BCLK                                     0x01D0 0x0438 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_GPT1_CLK                                         0x01D0 0x0438 0x05E8 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_SAI5_RX_BCLK                                     0x01D0 0x0438 0x04D0 0x2 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_SAI2_RX_DATA1                                    0x01D0 0x0438 0x05AC 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_UART2_DCE_CTS_B                                  0x01D0 0x0438 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_UART2_DTE_RTS_B                                  0x01D0 0x0438 0x04F8 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_GPIO4_IO29                                       0x01D0 0x0438 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_PDM_CLK                                          0x01D0 0x0438 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_SAI3_RX_DATA0                                    0x01D4 0x043C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_GPT1_COMPARE1                                    0x01D4 0x043C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_SAI5_RX_DATA0                                    0x01D4 0x043C 0x04D4 0x2 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_SAI3_TX_DATA1                                    0x01D4 0x043C 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_UART2_DCE_RTS_B                                  0x01D4 0x043C 0x04F8 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_UART2_DTE_CTS_B                                  0x01D4 0x043C 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_GPIO4_IO30                                       0x01D4 0x043C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x01D4 0x043C 0x0538 0x6 0x10
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_SAI3_TX_SYNC                                    0x01D8 0x0440 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_GPT1_CAPTURE2                                   0x01D8 0x0440 0x05EC 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_SAI5_RX_DATA1                                   0x01D8 0x0440 0x04D8 0x2 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_SAI3_TX_DATA1                                   0x01D8 0x0440 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_UART2_DCE_RX                                    0x01D8 0x0440 0x04FC 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_UART2_DTE_TX                                    0x01D8 0x0440 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_GPIO4_IO31                                      0x01D8 0x0440 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                 0x01D8 0x0440 0x0540 0x6 0x9
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_SAI3_TX_BCLK                                     0x01DC 0x0444 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_GPT1_COMPARE2                                    0x01DC 0x0444 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_SAI5_RX_DATA2                                    0x01DC 0x0444 0x04DC 0x2 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_SAI2_TX_DATA1                                    0x01DC 0x0444 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_UART2_DCE_TX                                     0x01DC 0x0444 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_UART2_DTE_RX                                     0x01DC 0x0444 0x04FC 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_GPIO5_IO0                                        0x01DC 0x0444 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                  0x01DC 0x0444 0x053C 0x6 0x9
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_SAI3_TX_DATA0                                    0x01E0 0x0448 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_GPT1_COMPARE3                                    0x01E0 0x0448 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_SAI5_RX_DATA3                                    0x01E0 0x0448 0x04E0 0x2 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_SPDIF1_EXT_CLK                                   0x01E0 0x0448 0x0568 0x4 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_GPIO5_IO1                                        0x01E0 0x0448 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_CCMSRCGPCMIX_BOOT_MODE5                          0x01E0 0x0448 0x0000 0x6 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_SAI3_MCLK                                       0x01E4 0x044C 0x05C0 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_PWM4_OUT                                        0x01E4 0x044C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_SAI5_MCLK                                       0x01E4 0x044C 0x0594 0x2 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_SPDIF1_OUT                                      0x01E4 0x044C 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_GPIO5_IO2                                       0x01E4 0x044C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_SPDIF1_IN                                       0x01E4 0x044C 0x05CC 0x6 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_TX_SPDIF1_OUT                                       0x01E8 0x0450 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_TX_PWM3_OUT                                         0x01E8 0x0450 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_TX_GPIO5_IO3                                        0x01E8 0x0450 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_RX_SPDIF1_IN                                        0x01EC 0x0454 0x05CC 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_RX_PWM2_OUT                                         0x01EC 0x0454 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_RX_GPIO5_IO4                                        0x01EC 0x0454 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_EXT_CLK_SPDIF1_EXT_CLK                              0x01F0 0x0458 0x0568 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_EXT_CLK_PWM1_OUT                                    0x01F0 0x0458 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_EXT_CLK_GPIO5_IO5                                   0x01F0 0x0458 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_ECSPI1_SCLK                                   0x01F4 0x045C 0x05D8 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_UART3_DCE_RX                                  0x01F4 0x045C 0x0504 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_UART3_DTE_TX                                  0x01F4 0x045C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_I2C1_SCL                                      0x01F4 0x045C 0x055C 0x2 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_SAI5_RX_SYNC                                  0x01F4 0x045C 0x04DC 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_GPIO5_IO6                                     0x01F4 0x045C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_ECSPI1_MOSI                                   0x01F8 0x0460 0x05A8 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_UART3_DCE_TX                                  0x01F8 0x0460 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_UART3_DTE_RX                                  0x01F8 0x0460 0x0504 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_I2C1_SDA                                      0x01F8 0x0460 0x056C 0x2 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_SAI5_RX_BCLK                                  0x01F8 0x0460 0x04D0 0x3 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_GPIO5_IO7                                     0x01F8 0x0460 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_ECSPI1_MISO                                   0x01FC 0x0464 0x05C4 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_UART3_DCE_CTS_B                               0x01FC 0x0464 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_UART3_DTE_RTS_B                               0x01FC 0x0464 0x0500 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_I2C2_SCL                                      0x01FC 0x0464 0x05D0 0x2 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_SAI5_RX_DATA0                                 0x01FC 0x0464 0x04D4 0x3 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_GPIO5_IO8                                     0x01FC 0x0464 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_ECSPI1_SS0                                     0x0200 0x0468 0x0564 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_UART3_DCE_RTS_B                                0x0200 0x0468 0x0500 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_UART3_DTE_CTS_B                                0x0200 0x0468 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_I2C2_SDA                                       0x0200 0x0468 0x0560 0x2 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_SAI5_RX_DATA1                                  0x0200 0x0468 0x04D8 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_SAI5_TX_SYNC                                   0x0200 0x0468 0x04EC 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_GPIO5_IO9                                      0x0200 0x0468 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_ECSPI2_SCLK                                   0x0204 0x046C 0x0580 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_UART4_DCE_RX                                  0x0204 0x046C 0x050C 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_UART4_DTE_TX                                  0x0204 0x046C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_I2C3_SCL                                      0x0204 0x046C 0x0588 0x2 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_SAI5_RX_DATA2                                 0x0204 0x046C 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_SAI5_TX_BCLK                                  0x0204 0x046C 0x04E8 0x4 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_GPIO5_IO10                                    0x0204 0x046C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_ECSPI2_MOSI                                   0x0208 0x0470 0x0590 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_UART4_DCE_TX                                  0x0208 0x0470 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_UART4_DTE_RX                                  0x0208 0x0470 0x050C 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_I2C3_SDA                                      0x0208 0x0470 0x05BC 0x2 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_SAI5_RX_DATA3                                 0x0208 0x0470 0x04E0 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_SAI5_TX_DATA0                                 0x0208 0x0470 0x0000 0x4 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_GPIO5_IO11                                    0x0208 0x0470 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_ECSPI2_MISO                                   0x020C 0x0474 0x0578 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_UART4_DCE_CTS_B                               0x020C 0x0474 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_UART4_DTE_RTS_B                               0x020C 0x0474 0x0508 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_I2C4_SCL                                      0x020C 0x0474 0x05D4 0x2 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_SAI5_MCLK                                     0x020C 0x0474 0x0594 0x3 0x4
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_GPIO5_IO12                                    0x020C 0x0474 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SS0_ECSPI2_SS0                                     0x0210 0x0478 0x0570 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SS0_UART4_DCE_RTS_B                                0x0210 0x0478 0x0508 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SS0_UART4_DTE_CTS_B                                0x0210 0x0478 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SS0_I2C4_SDA                                       0x0210 0x0478 0x058C 0x2 0x5
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SS0_GPIO5_IO13                                     0x0210 0x0478 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SCL_I2C1_SCL                                         0x0214 0x047C 0x055C 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SCL_ENET1_MDC                                        0x0214 0x047C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SCL_ECSPI1_SCLK                                      0x0214 0x047C 0x05D8 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SCL_GPIO5_IO14                                       0x0214 0x047C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SDA_I2C1_SDA                                         0x0218 0x0480 0x056C 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SDA_ENET1_MDIO                                       0x0218 0x0480 0x04C0 0x1 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SDA_ECSPI1_MOSI                                      0x0218 0x0480 0x05A8 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SDA_GPIO5_IO15                                       0x0218 0x0480 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_I2C2_SCL                                         0x021C 0x0484 0x05D0 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_ENET1_1588_EVENT1_IN                             0x021C 0x0484 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_USDHC3_CD_B                                      0x021C 0x0484 0x0598 0x2 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_ECSPI1_MISO                                      0x021C 0x0484 0x05C4 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_GPIO5_IO16                                       0x021C 0x0484 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_I2C2_SDA                                         0x0220 0x0488 0x0560 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_ENET1_1588_EVENT1_OUT                            0x0220 0x0488 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_USDHC3_WP                                        0x0220 0x0488 0x05B8 0x2 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_ECSPI1_SS0                                       0x0220 0x0488 0x0564 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_GPIO5_IO17                                       0x0220 0x0488 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_I2C3_SCL                                         0x0224 0x048C 0x0588 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_PWM4_OUT                                         0x0224 0x048C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_GPT2_CLK                                         0x0224 0x048C 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_ECSPI2_SCLK                                      0x0224 0x048C 0x0580 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_GPIO5_IO18                                       0x0224 0x048C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_I2C3_SDA                                         0x0228 0x0490 0x05BC 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_PWM3_OUT                                         0x0228 0x0490 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_GPT3_CLK                                         0x0228 0x0490 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_ECSPI2_MOSI                                      0x0228 0x0490 0x0590 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_GPIO5_IO19                                       0x0228 0x0490 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SCL_I2C4_SCL                                         0x022C 0x0494 0x05D4 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SCL_PWM2_OUT                                         0x022C 0x0494 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SCL_ECSPI2_MISO                                      0x022C 0x0494 0x0578 0x3 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SCL_GPIO5_IO20                                       0x022C 0x0494 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SDA_I2C4_SDA                                         0x0230 0x0498 0x058C 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SDA_PWM1_OUT                                         0x0230 0x0498 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SDA_ECSPI2_SS0                                       0x0230 0x0498 0x0570 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SDA_GPIO5_IO21                                       0x0230 0x0498 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_RXD_UART1_DCE_RX                                    0x0234 0x049C 0x04F4 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_RXD_UART1_DTE_TX                                    0x0234 0x049C 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_RXD_ECSPI3_SCLK                                     0x0234 0x049C 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_RXD_GPIO5_IO22                                      0x0234 0x049C 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_TXD_UART1_DCE_TX                                    0x0238 0x04A0 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_TXD_UART1_DTE_RX                                    0x0238 0x04A0 0x04F4 0x0 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_TXD_ECSPI3_MOSI                                     0x0238 0x04A0 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_TXD_GPIO5_IO23                                      0x0238 0x04A0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_RXD_UART2_DCE_RX                                    0x023C 0x04A4 0x04FC 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_RXD_UART2_DTE_TX                                    0x023C 0x04A4 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_RXD_ECSPI3_MISO                                     0x023C 0x04A4 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_RXD_GPT1_COMPARE3                                   0x023C 0x04A4 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_RXD_GPIO5_IO24                                      0x023C 0x04A4 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_TXD_UART2_DCE_TX                                    0x0240 0x04A8 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_TXD_UART2_DTE_RX                                    0x0240 0x04A8 0x04FC 0x0 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_TXD_ECSPI3_SS0                                      0x0240 0x04A8 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_TXD_GPT1_COMPARE2                                   0x0240 0x04A8 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_TXD_GPIO5_IO25                                      0x0240 0x04A8 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_UART3_DCE_RX                                    0x0244 0x04AC 0x0504 0x0 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_UART3_DTE_TX                                    0x0244 0x04AC 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_UART1_DCE_CTS_B                                 0x0244 0x04AC 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_UART1_DTE_RTS_B                                 0x0244 0x04AC 0x04F0 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_USDHC3_RESET_B                                  0x0244 0x04AC 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_GPT1_CAPTURE2                                   0x0244 0x04AC 0x05EC 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_GPIO5_IO26                                      0x0244 0x04AC 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_UART3_DCE_TX                                    0x0248 0x04B0 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_UART3_DTE_RX                                    0x0248 0x04B0 0x0504 0x0 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_UART1_DCE_RTS_B                                 0x0248 0x04B0 0x04F0 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_UART1_DTE_CTS_B                                 0x0248 0x04B0 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_USDHC3_VSELECT                                  0x0248 0x04B0 0x0000 0x2 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_GPT1_CLK                                        0x0248 0x04B0 0x05E8 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_GPIO5_IO27                                      0x0248 0x04B0 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_UART4_DCE_RX                                    0x024C 0x04B4 0x050C 0x0 0x2
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_UART4_DTE_TX                                    0x024C 0x04B4 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_UART2_DCE_CTS_B                                 0x024C 0x04B4 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_UART2_DTE_RTS_B                                 0x024C 0x04B4 0x04F8 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_GPT1_COMPARE1                                   0x024C 0x04B4 0x0000 0x3 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_GPIO5_IO28                                      0x024C 0x04B4 0x0000 0x5 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_UART4_DCE_TX                                    0x0250 0x04B8 0x0000 0x0 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_UART4_DTE_RX                                    0x0250 0x04B8 0x050C 0x0 0x3
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_UART2_DCE_RTS_B                                 0x0250 0x04B8 0x04F8 0x1 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_UART2_DTE_CTS_B                                 0x0250 0x04B8 0x0000 0x1 0x0
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_GPT1_CAPTURE1                                   0x0250 0x04B8 0x05F0 0x3 0x1
-#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_GPIO5_IO29                                      0x0250 0x04B8 0x0000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_BOOT_MODE2_CCMSRCGPCMIX_BOOT_MODE2                        0x020 0x25C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_BOOT_MODE2_I2C1_SCL                                       0x020 0x25C 0x55C 0x1 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_BOOT_MODE3_CCMSRCGPCMIX_BOOT_MODE3                        0x024 0x260 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_BOOT_MODE3_I2C1_SDA                                       0x024 0x260 0x56C 0x1 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO00_GPIO1_IO0                                      0x028 0x290 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO00_CCMSRCGPCMIX_ENET_PHY_REF_CLK_ROOT             0x028 0x290 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO00_ANAMIX_REF_CLK_32K                             0x028 0x290 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO00_CCMSRCGPCMIX_EXT_CLK1                          0x028 0x290 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO01_GPIO1_IO1                                      0x02C 0x294 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO01_PWM1_OUT                                       0x02C 0x294 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO01_ANAMIX_REF_CLK_24M                             0x02C 0x294 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO01_CCMSRCGPCMIX_EXT_CLK2                          0x02C 0x294 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO02_GPIO1_IO2                                      0x030 0x298 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO02_WDOG1_WDOG_B                                   0x030 0x298 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO02_WDOG1_WDOG_ANY                                 0x030 0x298 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO03_GPIO1_IO3                                      0x034 0x29C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO03_USDHC1_VSELECT                                 0x034 0x29C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO03_SDMA1_EXT_EVENT0                               0x034 0x29C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO03_ANAMIX_XTAL_OK                                 0x034 0x29C 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO04_GPIO1_IO4                                      0x038 0x2A0 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO04_USDHC2_VSELECT                                 0x038 0x2A0 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO04_SDMA1_EXT_EVENT1                               0x038 0x2A0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO04_ANAMIX_XTAL_OK_LV                              0x038 0x2A0 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO05_GPIO1_IO5                                      0x03C 0x2A4 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO05_M4_NMI                                         0x03C 0x2A4 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO05_CCMSRCGPCMIX_PMIC_READY                        0x03C 0x2A4 0x4BC 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO05_CCMSRCGPCMIX_INT_BOOT                          0x03C 0x2A4 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO06_GPIO1_IO6                                      0x040 0x2A8 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO06_ENET1_MDC                                      0x040 0x2A8 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO06_USDHC1_CD_B                                    0x040 0x2A8 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO06_CCMSRCGPCMIX_EXT_CLK3                          0x040 0x2A8 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO07_GPIO1_IO7                                      0x044 0x2AC 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO07_ENET1_MDIO                                     0x044 0x2AC 0x4C0 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO07_USDHC1_WP                                      0x044 0x2AC 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO07_CCMSRCGPCMIX_EXT_CLK4                          0x044 0x2AC 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO08_GPIO1_IO8                                      0x048 0x2B0 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO08_ENET1_1588_EVENT0_IN                           0x048 0x2B0 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO08_PWM1_OUT                                       0x048 0x2B0 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO08_USDHC2_RESET_B                                 0x048 0x2B0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO08_CCMSRCGPCMIX_WAIT                              0x048 0x2B0 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_GPIO1_IO9                                      0x04C 0x2B4 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_ENET1_1588_EVENT0_OUT                          0x04C 0x2B4 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_PWM2_OUT                                       0x04C 0x2B4 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_USDHC3_RESET_B                                 0x04C 0x2B4 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_SDMA2_EXT_EVENT0                               0x04C 0x2B4 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO09_CCMSRCGPCMIX_STOP                              0x04C 0x2B4 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO10_GPIO1_IO10                                     0x050 0x2B8 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO10_USB1_OTG_ID                                    0x050 0x2B8 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO10_PWM3_OUT                                       0x050 0x2B8 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO11_GPIO1_IO11                                     0x054 0x2BC 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO11_PWM2_OUT                                       0x054 0x2BC 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO11_USDHC3_VSELECT                                 0x054 0x2BC 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO11_CCMSRCGPCMIX_PMIC_READY                        0x054 0x2BC 0x4BC 0x5 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO11_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OUT0                              0x054 0x2BC 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO12_GPIO1_IO12                                     0x058 0x2C0 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO12_USB1_OTG_PWR                                   0x058 0x2C0 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO12_SDMA2_EXT_EVENT1                               0x058 0x2C0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO12_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OUT1                              0x058 0x2C0 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO13_GPIO1_IO13                                     0x05C 0x2C4 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO13_USB1_OTG_OC                                    0x05C 0x2C4 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO13_PWM2_OUT                                       0x05C 0x2C4 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO13_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OUT2                              0x05C 0x2C4 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO14_GPIO1_IO14                                     0x060 0x2C8 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO14_USDHC3_CD_B                                    0x060 0x2C8 0x598 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO14_PWM3_OUT                                       0x060 0x2C8 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO14_CCMSRCGPCMIX_CLKO1                             0x060 0x2C8 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO15_GPIO1_IO15                                     0x064 0x2CC 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO15_USDHC3_WP                                      0x064 0x2CC 0x5B8 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO15_PWM4_OUT                                       0x064 0x2CC 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO15_CCMSRCGPCMIX_CLKO2                             0x064 0x2CC 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_ENET1_MDC                                        0x068 0x2D0 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_SAI6_TX_DATA0                                    0x068 0x2D0 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                  0x068 0x2D0 0x540 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_SPDIF1_OUT                                       0x068 0x2D0 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_GPIO1_IO16                                       0x068 0x2D0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDC_USDHC3_STROBE                                    0x068 0x2D0 0x59C 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_ENET1_MDIO                                      0x06C 0x2D4 0x4C0 0x0 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_SAI6_TX_SYNC                                    0x06C 0x2D4 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                 0x06C 0x2D4 0x53C 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_SPDIF1_IN                                       0x06C 0x2D4 0x5CC 0x4 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_GPIO1_IO17                                      0x06C 0x2D4 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_MDIO_USDHC3_DATA5                                    0x06C 0x2D4 0x550 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_ENET1_RGMII_TD3                                  0x070 0x2D8 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_SAI6_TX_BCLK                                     0x070 0x2D8 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x070 0x2D8 0x538 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_SPDIF1_EXT_CLK                                   0x070 0x2D8 0x568 0x4 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_GPIO1_IO18                                       0x070 0x2D8 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD3_USDHC3_DATA6                                     0x070 0x2D8 0x584 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_ENET1_RGMII_TD2                                  0x074 0x2DC 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_ENET1_TX_CLK                                     0x074 0x2DC 0x5A4 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_CCMSRCGPCMIX_ENET_REF_CLK_ROOT                   0x074 0x2DC 0x5A4 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_SAI6_RX_DATA0                                    0x074 0x2DC 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                  0x074 0x2DC 0x540 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_GPIO1_IO19                                       0x074 0x2DC 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD2_USDHC3_DATA7                                     0x074 0x2DC 0x54C 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD1_ENET1_RGMII_TD1                                  0x078 0x2E0 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD1_SAI6_RX_SYNC                                     0x078 0x2E0 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD1_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                  0x078 0x2E0 0x53C 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD1_GPIO1_IO20                                       0x078 0x2E0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD1_USDHC3_CD_B                                      0x078 0x2E0 0x598 0x6 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD0_ENET1_RGMII_TD0                                  0x07C 0x2E4 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD0_SAI6_RX_BCLK                                     0x07C 0x2E4 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD0_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x07C 0x2E4 0x538 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD0_GPIO1_IO21                                       0x07C 0x2E4 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TD0_USDHC3_WP                                        0x07C 0x2E4 0x5B8 0x6 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TX_CTL_ENET1_RGMII_TX_CTL                            0x080 0x2E8 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TX_CTL_SAI6_MCLK                                     0x080 0x2E8 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TX_CTL_GPIO1_IO22                                    0x080 0x2E8 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TX_CTL_USDHC3_DATA0                                  0x080 0x2E8 0x5B4 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TXC_ENET1_RGMII_TXC                                  0x084 0x2EC 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TXC_ENET1_TX_ER                                      0x084 0x2EC 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TXC_SAI7_TX_DATA0                                    0x084 0x2EC 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TXC_GPIO1_IO23                                       0x084 0x2EC 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_TXC_USDHC3_DATA1                                     0x084 0x2EC 0x5B0 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RX_CTL_ENET1_RGMII_RX_CTL                            0x088 0x2F0 0x574 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RX_CTL_SAI7_TX_SYNC                                  0x088 0x2F0 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RX_CTL_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                               0x088 0x2F0 0x540 0x3 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RX_CTL_GPIO1_IO24                                    0x088 0x2F0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RX_CTL_USDHC3_DATA2                                  0x088 0x2F0 0x5E4 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_ENET1_RGMII_RXC                                  0x08C 0x2F4 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_ENET1_RX_ER                                      0x08C 0x2F4 0x5C8 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_SAI7_TX_BCLK                                     0x08C 0x2F4 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                  0x08C 0x2F4 0x53C 0x3 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_GPIO1_IO25                                       0x08C 0x2F4 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RXC_USDHC3_DATA3                                     0x08C 0x2F4 0x5E0 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD0_ENET1_RGMII_RD0                                  0x090 0x2F8 0x57C 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD0_SAI7_RX_DATA0                                    0x090 0x2F8 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD0_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x090 0x2F8 0x538 0x3 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD0_GPIO1_IO26                                       0x090 0x2F8 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD0_USDHC3_DATA4                                     0x090 0x2F8 0x558 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD1_ENET1_RGMII_RD1                                  0x094 0x2FC 0x554 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD1_SAI7_RX_SYNC                                     0x094 0x2FC 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD1_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                  0x094 0x2FC 0x534 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD1_GPIO1_IO27                                       0x094 0x2FC 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD1_USDHC3_RESET_B                                   0x094 0x2FC 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD2_ENET1_RGMII_RD2                                  0x098 0x300 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD2_SAI7_RX_BCLK                                     0x098 0x300 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD2_PDM_CLK                                          0x098 0x300 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD2_GPIO1_IO28                                       0x098 0x300 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD2_USDHC3_CLK                                       0x098 0x300 0x5A0 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD3_ENET1_RGMII_RD3                                  0x09C 0x304 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD3_SAI7_MCLK                                        0x09C 0x304 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD3_SPDIF1_IN                                        0x09C 0x304 0x5CC 0x3 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD3_GPIO1_IO29                                       0x09C 0x304 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ENET_RD3_USDHC3_CMD                                       0x09C 0x304 0x5DC 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CLK_USDHC1_CLK                                        0x0A0 0x308 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CLK_ENET1_MDC                                         0x0A0 0x308 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CLK_UART1_DCE_TX                                      0x0A0 0x308 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CLK_UART1_DTE_RX                                      0x0A0 0x308 0x4F4 0x4 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CLK_GPIO2_IO0                                         0x0A0 0x308 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CMD_USDHC1_CMD                                        0x0A4 0x30C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CMD_ENET1_MDIO                                        0x0A4 0x30C 0x4C0 0x1 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CMD_UART1_DCE_RX                                      0x0A4 0x30C 0x4F4 0x4 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CMD_UART1_DTE_TX                                      0x0A4 0x30C 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_CMD_GPIO2_IO1                                         0x0A4 0x30C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA0_USDHC1_DATA0                                    0x0A8 0x310 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA0_ENET1_RGMII_TD1                                 0x0A8 0x310 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA0_UART1_DCE_RTS_B                                 0x0A8 0x310 0x4F0 0x4 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA0_UART1_DTE_CTS_B                                 0x0A8 0x310 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA0_GPIO2_IO2                                       0x0A8 0x310 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA1_USDHC1_DATA1                                    0x0AC 0x314 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA1_ENET1_RGMII_TD0                                 0x0AC 0x314 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA1_UART1_DCE_CTS_B                                 0x0AC 0x314 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA1_UART1_DTE_RTS_B                                 0x0AC 0x314 0x4F0 0x4 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA1_GPIO2_IO3                                       0x0AC 0x314 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA2_USDHC1_DATA2                                    0x0B0 0x318 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA2_ENET1_RGMII_RD0                                 0x0B0 0x318 0x57C 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA2_UART2_DCE_TX                                    0x0B0 0x318 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA2_UART2_DTE_RX                                    0x0B0 0x318 0x4FC 0x4 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA2_GPIO2_IO4                                       0x0B0 0x318 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA3_USDHC1_DATA3                                    0x0B4 0x31C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA3_ENET1_RGMII_RD1                                 0x0B4 0x31C 0x554 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA3_UART2_DCE_RX                                    0x0B4 0x31C 0x4FC 0x4 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA3_UART2_DTE_TX                                    0x0B4 0x31C 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA3_GPIO2_IO5                                       0x0B4 0x31C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_USDHC1_DATA4                                    0x0B8 0x320 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_ENET1_RGMII_TX_CTL                              0x0B8 0x320 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_I2C1_SCL                                        0x0B8 0x320 0x55C 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_UART2_DCE_RTS_B                                 0x0B8 0x320 0x4F8 0x4 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_UART2_DTE_CTS_B                                 0x0B8 0x320 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA4_GPIO2_IO6                                       0x0B8 0x320 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_USDHC1_DATA5                                    0x0BC 0x324 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_ENET1_TX_ER                                     0x0BC 0x324 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_I2C1_SDA                                        0x0BC 0x324 0x56C 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_UART2_DCE_CTS_B                                 0x0BC 0x324 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_UART2_DTE_RTS_B                                 0x0BC 0x324 0x4F8 0x4 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA5_GPIO2_IO7                                       0x0BC 0x324 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_USDHC1_DATA6                                    0x0C0 0x328 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_ENET1_RGMII_RX_CTL                              0x0C0 0x328 0x574 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_I2C2_SCL                                        0x0C0 0x328 0x5D0 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_UART3_DCE_TX                                    0x0C0 0x328 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_UART3_DTE_RX                                    0x0C0 0x328 0x504 0x4 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA6_GPIO2_IO8                                       0x0C0 0x328 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_USDHC1_DATA7                                    0x0C4 0x32C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_ENET1_RX_ER                                     0x0C4 0x32C 0x5C8 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_I2C2_SDA                                        0x0C4 0x32C 0x560 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_UART3_DCE_RX                                    0x0C4 0x32C 0x504 0x4 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_UART3_DTE_TX                                    0x0C4 0x32C 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_DATA7_GPIO2_IO9                                       0x0C4 0x32C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_USDHC1_RESET_B                                0x0C8 0x330 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_ENET1_TX_CLK                                  0x0C8 0x330 0x5A4 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_CCMSRCGPCMIX_ENET_REF_CLK_ROOT                0x0C8 0x330 0x5A4 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_I2C3_SCL                                      0x0C8 0x330 0x588 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_UART3_DCE_RTS_B                               0x0C8 0x330 0x500 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_UART3_DTE_CTS_B                               0x0C8 0x330 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_RESET_B_GPIO2_IO10                                    0x0C8 0x330 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_STROBE_USDHC1_STROBE                                  0x0CC 0x334 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_STROBE_I2C3_SDA                                       0x0CC 0x334 0x5BC 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_STROBE_UART3_DCE_CTS_B                                0x0CC 0x334 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_STROBE_UART3_DTE_RTS_B                                0x0CC 0x334 0x500 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD1_STROBE_GPIO2_IO11                                     0x0CC 0x334 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CD_B_USDHC2_CD_B                                      0x0D0 0x338 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CD_B_GPIO2_IO12                                       0x0D0 0x338 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CD_B_CCMSRCGPCMIX_TESTER_ACK                          0x0D0 0x338 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_USDHC2_CLK                                        0x0D4 0x33C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_SAI5_RX_SYNC                                      0x0D4 0x33C 0x4E4 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_ECSPI2_SCLK                                       0x0D4 0x33C 0x580 0x2 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_UART4_DCE_RX                                      0x0D4 0x33C 0x50C 0x3 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_UART4_DTE_TX                                      0x0D4 0x33C 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_SAI5_MCLK                                         0x0D4 0x33C 0x594 0x4 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_GPIO2_IO13                                        0x0D4 0x33C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CLK_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OBSERVE0                             0x0D4 0x33C 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_USDHC2_CMD                                        0x0D8 0x340 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_SAI5_RX_BCLK                                      0x0D8 0x340 0x4D0 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_ECSPI2_MOSI                                       0x0D8 0x340 0x590 0x2 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_UART4_DCE_TX                                      0x0D8 0x340 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_UART4_DTE_RX                                      0x0D8 0x340 0x50C 0x3 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_PDM_CLK                                           0x0D8 0x340 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_GPIO2_IO14                                        0x0D8 0x340 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_CMD_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OBSERVE1                             0x0D8 0x340 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_USDHC2_DATA0                                    0x0DC 0x344 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_SAI5_RX_DATA0                                   0x0DC 0x344 0x4D4 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_I2C4_SDA                                        0x0DC 0x344 0x58C 0x2 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_UART2_DCE_RX                                    0x0DC 0x344 0x4FC 0x3 0x6
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_UART2_DTE_TX                                    0x0DC 0x344 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                 0x0DC 0x344 0x534 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_GPIO2_IO15                                      0x0DC 0x344 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA0_CCMSRCGPCMIX_OBSERVE2                           0x0DC 0x344 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_USDHC2_DATA1                                    0x0E0 0x348 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_SAI5_TX_SYNC                                    0x0E0 0x348 0x4EC 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_I2C4_SCL                                        0x0E0 0x348 0x5D4 0x2 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_UART2_DCE_TX                                    0x0E0 0x348 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_UART2_DTE_RX                                    0x0E0 0x348 0x4FC 0x3 0x7
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                 0x0E0 0x348 0x538 0x4 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_GPIO2_IO16                                      0x0E0 0x348 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA1_CCMSRCGPCMIX_WAIT                               0x0E0 0x348 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_USDHC2_DATA2                                    0x0E4 0x34C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_SAI5_TX_BCLK                                    0x0E4 0x34C 0x4E8 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_ECSPI2_SS0                                      0x0E4 0x34C 0x570 0x2 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_SPDIF1_OUT                                      0x0E4 0x34C 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                 0x0E4 0x34C 0x53C 0x4 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_GPIO2_IO17                                      0x0E4 0x34C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA2_CCMSRCGPCMIX_STOP                               0x0E4 0x34C 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_USDHC2_DATA3                                    0x0E8 0x350 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_SAI5_TX_DATA0                                   0x0E8 0x350 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_ECSPI2_MISO                                     0x0E8 0x350 0x578 0x2 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_SPDIF1_IN                                       0x0E8 0x350 0x5CC 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                 0x0E8 0x350 0x540 0x4 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_GPIO2_IO18                                      0x0E8 0x350 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_DATA3_CCMSRCGPCMIX_EARLY_RESET                        0x0E8 0x350 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_RESET_B_USDHC2_RESET_B                                0x0EC 0x354 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_RESET_B_GPIO2_IO19                                    0x0EC 0x354 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_RESET_B_CCMSRCGPCMIX_SYSTEM_RESET                     0x0EC 0x354 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_WP_USDHC2_WP                                          0x0F0 0x358 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_WP_GPIO2_IO20                                         0x0F0 0x358 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SD2_WP_CORESIGHT_EVENTI                                   0x0F0 0x358 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_RAWNAND_ALE                                      0x0F4 0x35C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_QSPI_A_SCLK                                      0x0F4 0x35C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                  0x0F4 0x35C 0x534 0x3 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_UART3_DCE_RX                                     0x0F4 0x35C 0x504 0x4 0x6
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_UART3_DTE_TX                                     0x0F4 0x35C 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_GPIO3_IO0                                        0x0F4 0x35C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_ALE_CORESIGHT_TRACE_CLK                              0x0F4 0x35C 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_RAWNAND_CE0_B                                  0x0F8 0x360 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_QSPI_A_SS0_B                                   0x0F8 0x360 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                0x0F8 0x360 0x538 0x3 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_UART3_DCE_TX                                   0x0F8 0x360 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_UART3_DTE_RX                                   0x0F8 0x360 0x504 0x4 0x7
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_GPIO3_IO1                                      0x0F8 0x360 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE0_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE_CTL                            0x0F8 0x360 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_RAWNAND_CE1_B                                  0x0FC 0x364 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_QSPI_A_SS1_B                                   0x0FC 0x364 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_USDHC3_STROBE                                  0x0FC 0x364 0x59C 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                0x0FC 0x364 0x534 0x3 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_I2C4_SCL                                       0x0FC 0x364 0x5D4 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_GPIO3_IO2                                      0x0FC 0x364 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE1_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE0                               0x0FC 0x364 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_RAWNAND_CE2_B                                  0x100 0x368 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_QSPI_B_SS0_B                                   0x100 0x368 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_USDHC3_DATA5                                   0x100 0x368 0x550 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                0x100 0x368 0x538 0x3 0x6
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_I2C4_SDA                                       0x100 0x368 0x58C 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_GPIO3_IO3                                      0x100 0x368 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE2_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE1                               0x100 0x368 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_RAWNAND_CE3_B                                  0x104 0x36C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_QSPI_B_SS1_B                                   0x104 0x36C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_USDHC3_DATA6                                   0x104 0x36C 0x584 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                0x104 0x36C 0x53C 0x3 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_I2C3_SDA                                       0x104 0x36C 0x5BC 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_GPIO3_IO4                                      0x104 0x36C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CE3_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE2                               0x104 0x36C 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CLE_RAWNAND_CLE                                      0x108 0x370 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CLE_QSPI_B_SCLK                                      0x108 0x370 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CLE_USDHC3_DATA7                                     0x108 0x370 0x54C 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CLE_GPIO3_IO5                                        0x108 0x370 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_CLE_CORESIGHT_TRACE3                                 0x108 0x370 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_RAWNAND_DATA00                                0x10C 0x374 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_QSPI_A_DATA0                                  0x10C 0x374 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                               0x10C 0x374 0x53C 0x3 0x6
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_UART4_DCE_RX                                  0x10C 0x374 0x50C 0x4 0x6
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_UART4_DTE_TX                                  0x10C 0x374 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_GPIO3_IO6                                     0x10C 0x374 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA00_CORESIGHT_TRACE4                              0x10C 0x374 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_RAWNAND_DATA01                                0x110 0x378 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_QSPI_A_DATA1                                  0x110 0x378 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                               0x110 0x378 0x540 0x3 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_UART4_DCE_TX                                  0x110 0x378 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_UART4_DTE_RX                                  0x110 0x378 0x50C 0x4 0x7
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_GPIO3_IO7                                     0x110 0x378 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA01_CORESIGHT_TRACE5                              0x110 0x378 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_RAWNAND_DATA02                                0x114 0x37C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_QSPI_A_DATA2                                  0x114 0x37C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_USDHC3_CD_B                                   0x114 0x37C 0x598 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_I2C4_SDA                                      0x114 0x37C 0x58C 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_GPIO3_IO8                                     0x114 0x37C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA02_CORESIGHT_TRACE6                              0x114 0x37C 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA03_RAWNAND_DATA03                                0x118 0x380 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA03_QSPI_A_DATA3                                  0x118 0x380 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA03_USDHC3_WP                                     0x118 0x380 0x5B8 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA03_GPIO3_IO9                                     0x118 0x380 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA03_CORESIGHT_TRACE7                              0x118 0x380 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA04_RAWNAND_DATA04                                0x11C 0x384 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA04_QSPI_B_DATA0                                  0x11C 0x384 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA04_USDHC3_DATA0                                  0x11C 0x384 0x5B4 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA04_GPIO3_IO10                                    0x11C 0x384 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA04_CORESIGHT_TRACE8                              0x11C 0x384 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA05_RAWNAND_DATA05                                0x120 0x388 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA05_QSPI_B_DATA1                                  0x120 0x388 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA05_USDHC3_DATA1                                  0x120 0x388 0x5B0 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA05_GPIO3_IO11                                    0x120 0x388 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA05_CORESIGHT_TRACE9                              0x120 0x388 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA06_RAWNAND_DATA06                                0x124 0x38C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA06_QSPI_B_DATA2                                  0x124 0x38C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA06_USDHC3_DATA2                                  0x124 0x38C 0x5E4 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA06_GPIO3_IO12                                    0x124 0x38C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA06_CORESIGHT_TRACE10                             0x124 0x38C 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA07_RAWNAND_DATA07                                0x128 0x390 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA07_QSPI_B_DATA3                                  0x128 0x390 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA07_USDHC3_DATA3                                  0x128 0x390 0x5E0 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA07_GPIO3_IO13                                    0x128 0x390 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DATA07_CORESIGHT_TRACE11                             0x128 0x390 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_RAWNAND_DQS                                      0x12C 0x394 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_QSPI_A_DQS                                       0x12C 0x394 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_PDM_CLK                                          0x12C 0x394 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_I2C3_SCL                                         0x12C 0x394 0x588 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_GPIO3_IO14                                       0x12C 0x394 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_DQS_CORESIGHT_TRACE12                                0x12C 0x394 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_RAWNAND_RE_B                                    0x130 0x398 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_QSPI_B_DQS                                      0x130 0x398 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_USDHC3_DATA4                                    0x130 0x398 0x558 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                 0x130 0x398 0x538 0x3 0x7
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_GPIO3_IO15                                      0x130 0x398 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_RE_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE13                               0x130 0x398 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_RAWNAND_READY_B                              0x134 0x39C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_USDHC3_RESET_B                               0x134 0x39C 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                              0x134 0x39C 0x540 0x3 0x6
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_I2C3_SCL                                     0x134 0x39C 0x588 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_GPIO3_IO16                                   0x134 0x39C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_READY_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE14                            0x134 0x39C 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WE_B_RAWNAND_WE_B                                    0x138 0x3A0 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WE_B_USDHC3_CLK                                      0x138 0x3A0 0x5A0 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WE_B_I2C3_SDA                                        0x138 0x3A0 0x5BC 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WE_B_GPIO3_IO17                                      0x138 0x3A0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WE_B_CORESIGHT_TRACE15                               0x138 0x3A0 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WP_B_RAWNAND_WP_B                                    0x13C 0x3A4 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WP_B_USDHC3_CMD                                      0x13C 0x3A4 0x5DC 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WP_B_I2C4_SDA                                        0x13C 0x3A4 0x58C 0x4 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WP_B_GPIO3_IO18                                      0x13C 0x3A4 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_NAND_WP_B_CORESIGHT_EVENTO                                0x13C 0x3A4 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXFS_SAI5_RX_SYNC                                    0x140 0x3A8 0x4E4 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXFS_GPIO3_IO19                                      0x140 0x3A8 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXC_SAI5_RX_BCLK                                     0x144 0x3AC 0x4D0 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXC_PDM_CLK                                          0x144 0x3AC 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXC_GPIO3_IO20                                       0x144 0x3AC 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD0_SAI5_RX_DATA0                                   0x148 0x3B0 0x4D4 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD0_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                 0x148 0x3B0 0x534 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD0_GPIO3_IO21                                      0x148 0x3B0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD1_SAI5_RX_DATA1                                   0x14C 0x3B4 0x4D8 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD1_SAI5_TX_SYNC                                    0x14C 0x3B4 0x4EC 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD1_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                 0x14C 0x3B4 0x538 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD1_GPIO3_IO22                                      0x14C 0x3B4 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD2_SAI5_RX_DATA2                                   0x150 0x3B8 0x4DC 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD2_SAI5_TX_BCLK                                    0x150 0x3B8 0x4E8 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD2_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                 0x150 0x3B8 0x53C 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD2_GPIO3_IO23                                      0x150 0x3B8 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD3_SAI5_RX_DATA3                                   0x154 0x3BC 0x4E0 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD3_SAI5_TX_DATA0                                   0x154 0x3BC 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD3_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                 0x154 0x3BC 0x540 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_RXD3_GPIO3_IO24                                      0x154 0x3BC 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_MCLK_SAI5_MCLK                                       0x158 0x3C0 0x594 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI5_MCLK_GPIO3_IO25                                      0x158 0x3C0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_SAI2_RX_SYNC                                    0x1B0 0x418 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_SAI5_TX_SYNC                                    0x1B0 0x418 0x4EC 0x1 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_SAI5_TX_DATA1                                   0x1B0 0x418 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_SAI2_RX_DATA1                                   0x1B0 0x418 0x5AC 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_UART1_DCE_TX                                    0x1B0 0x418 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_UART1_DTE_RX                                    0x1B0 0x418 0x4F4 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_GPIO4_IO21                                      0x1B0 0x418 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXFS_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                 0x1B0 0x418 0x53C 0x6 0x7
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_SAI2_RX_BCLK                                     0x1B4 0x41C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_SAI5_TX_BCLK                                     0x1B4 0x41C 0x4E8 0x1 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_UART1_DCE_RX                                     0x1B4 0x41C 0x4F4 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_UART1_DTE_TX                                     0x1B4 0x41C 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_GPIO4_IO22                                       0x1B4 0x41C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXC_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x1B4 0x41C 0x538 0x6 0x8
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_SAI2_RX_DATA0                                   0x1B8 0x420 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_SAI5_TX_DATA0                                   0x1B8 0x420 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_SAI2_TX_DATA1                                   0x1B8 0x420 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_UART1_DCE_RTS_B                                 0x1B8 0x420 0x4F0 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_UART1_DTE_CTS_B                                 0x1B8 0x420 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_GPIO4_IO23                                      0x1B8 0x420 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_RXD0_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                 0x1B8 0x420 0x540 0x6 0x7
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_SAI2_TX_SYNC                                    0x1BC 0x424 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_SAI5_TX_DATA1                                   0x1BC 0x424 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_SAI2_TX_DATA1                                   0x1BC 0x424 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_UART1_DCE_CTS_B                                 0x1BC 0x424 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_UART1_DTE_RTS_B                                 0x1BC 0x424 0x4F0 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_GPIO4_IO24                                      0x1BC 0x424 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXFS_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                 0x1BC 0x424 0x53C 0x6 0x8
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXC_SAI2_TX_BCLK                                     0x1C0 0x428 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXC_SAI5_TX_DATA2                                    0x1C0 0x428 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXC_GPIO4_IO25                                       0x1C0 0x428 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXC_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x1C0 0x428 0x538 0x6 0x9
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXD0_SAI2_TX_DATA0                                   0x1C4 0x42C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXD0_SAI5_TX_DATA3                                   0x1C4 0x42C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXD0_GPIO4_IO26                                      0x1C4 0x42C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_TXD0_CCMSRCGPCMIX_BOOT_MODE4                         0x1C4 0x42C 0x540 0x6 0x8
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_MCLK_SAI2_MCLK                                       0x1C8 0x430 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_MCLK_SAI5_MCLK                                       0x1C8 0x430 0x594 0x1 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_MCLK_GPIO4_IO27                                      0x1C8 0x430 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI2_MCLK_SAI3_MCLK                                       0x1C8 0x430 0x5C0 0x6 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_SAI3_RX_SYNC                                    0x1CC 0x434 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_GPT1_CAPTURE1                                   0x1CC 0x434 0x5F0 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_SAI5_RX_SYNC                                    0x1CC 0x434 0x4E4 0x2 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_SAI3_RX_DATA1                                   0x1CC 0x434 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_SPDIF1_IN                                       0x1CC 0x434 0x5CC 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_GPIO4_IO28                                      0x1CC 0x434 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXFS_PDM_BIT_STREAM0                                 0x1CC 0x434 0x534 0x6 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_SAI3_RX_BCLK                                     0x1D0 0x438 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_GPT1_CLK                                         0x1D0 0x438 0x5E8 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_SAI5_RX_BCLK                                     0x1D0 0x438 0x4D0 0x2 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_SAI2_RX_DATA1                                    0x1D0 0x438 0x5AC 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_UART2_DCE_CTS_B                                  0x1D0 0x438 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_UART2_DTE_RTS_B                                  0x1D0 0x438 0x4F8 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_GPIO4_IO29                                       0x1D0 0x438 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXC_PDM_CLK                                          0x1D0 0x438 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_SAI3_RX_DATA0                                    0x1D4 0x43C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_GPT1_COMPARE1                                    0x1D4 0x43C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_SAI5_RX_DATA0                                    0x1D4 0x43C 0x4D4 0x2 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_SAI3_TX_DATA1                                    0x1D4 0x43C 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_UART2_DCE_RTS_B                                  0x1D4 0x43C 0x4F8 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_UART2_DTE_CTS_B                                  0x1D4 0x43C 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_GPIO4_IO30                                       0x1D4 0x43C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_RXD_PDM_BIT_STREAM1                                  0x1D4 0x43C 0x538 0x6 0x10
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_SAI3_TX_SYNC                                    0x1D8 0x440 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_GPT1_CAPTURE2                                   0x1D8 0x440 0x5EC 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_SAI5_RX_DATA1                                   0x1D8 0x440 0x4D8 0x2 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_SAI3_TX_DATA1                                   0x1D8 0x440 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_UART2_DCE_RX                                    0x1D8 0x440 0x4FC 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_UART2_DTE_TX                                    0x1D8 0x440 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_GPIO4_IO31                                      0x1D8 0x440 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXFS_PDM_BIT_STREAM3                                 0x1D8 0x440 0x540 0x6 0x9
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_SAI3_TX_BCLK                                     0x1DC 0x444 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_GPT1_COMPARE2                                    0x1DC 0x444 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_SAI5_RX_DATA2                                    0x1DC 0x444 0x4DC 0x2 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_SAI2_TX_DATA1                                    0x1DC 0x444 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_UART2_DCE_TX                                     0x1DC 0x444 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_UART2_DTE_RX                                     0x1DC 0x444 0x4FC 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_GPIO5_IO0                                        0x1DC 0x444 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXC_PDM_BIT_STREAM2                                  0x1DC 0x444 0x53C 0x6 0x9
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_SAI3_TX_DATA0                                    0x1E0 0x448 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_GPT1_COMPARE3                                    0x1E0 0x448 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_SAI5_RX_DATA3                                    0x1E0 0x448 0x4E0 0x2 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_SPDIF1_EXT_CLK                                   0x1E0 0x448 0x568 0x4 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_GPIO5_IO1                                        0x1E0 0x448 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_TXD_CCMSRCGPCMIX_BOOT_MODE5                          0x1E0 0x448 0x000 0x6 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_SAI3_MCLK                                       0x1E4 0x44C 0x5C0 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_PWM4_OUT                                        0x1E4 0x44C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_SAI5_MCLK                                       0x1E4 0x44C 0x594 0x2 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_SPDIF1_OUT                                      0x1E4 0x44C 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_GPIO5_IO2                                       0x1E4 0x44C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SAI3_MCLK_SPDIF1_IN                                       0x1E4 0x44C 0x5CC 0x6 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_TX_SPDIF1_OUT                                       0x1E8 0x450 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_TX_PWM3_OUT                                         0x1E8 0x450 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_TX_GPIO5_IO3                                        0x1E8 0x450 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_RX_SPDIF1_IN                                        0x1EC 0x454 0x5CC 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_RX_PWM2_OUT                                         0x1EC 0x454 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_RX_GPIO5_IO4                                        0x1EC 0x454 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_EXT_CLK_SPDIF1_EXT_CLK                              0x1F0 0x458 0x568 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_EXT_CLK_PWM1_OUT                                    0x1F0 0x458 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_SPDIF_EXT_CLK_GPIO5_IO5                                   0x1F0 0x458 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_ECSPI1_SCLK                                   0x1F4 0x45C 0x5D8 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_UART3_DCE_RX                                  0x1F4 0x45C 0x504 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_UART3_DTE_TX                                  0x1F4 0x45C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_I2C1_SCL                                      0x1F4 0x45C 0x55C 0x2 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_SAI5_RX_SYNC                                  0x1F4 0x45C 0x4DC 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SCLK_GPIO5_IO6                                     0x1F4 0x45C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_ECSPI1_MOSI                                   0x1F8 0x460 0x5A8 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_UART3_DCE_TX                                  0x1F8 0x460 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_UART3_DTE_RX                                  0x1F8 0x460 0x504 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_I2C1_SDA                                      0x1F8 0x460 0x56C 0x2 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_SAI5_RX_BCLK                                  0x1F8 0x460 0x4D0 0x3 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MOSI_GPIO5_IO7                                     0x1F8 0x460 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_ECSPI1_MISO                                   0x1FC 0x464 0x5C4 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_UART3_DCE_CTS_B                               0x1FC 0x464 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_UART3_DTE_RTS_B                               0x1FC 0x464 0x500 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_I2C2_SCL                                      0x1FC 0x464 0x5D0 0x2 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_SAI5_RX_DATA0                                 0x1FC 0x464 0x4D4 0x3 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_MISO_GPIO5_IO8                                     0x1FC 0x464 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_ECSPI1_SS0                                     0x200 0x468 0x564 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_UART3_DCE_RTS_B                                0x200 0x468 0x500 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_UART3_DTE_CTS_B                                0x200 0x468 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_I2C2_SDA                                       0x200 0x468 0x560 0x2 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_SAI5_RX_DATA1                                  0x200 0x468 0x4D8 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_SAI5_TX_SYNC                                   0x200 0x468 0x4EC 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI1_SS0_GPIO5_IO9                                      0x200 0x468 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_ECSPI2_SCLK                                   0x204 0x46C 0x580 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_UART4_DCE_RX                                  0x204 0x46C 0x50C 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_UART4_DTE_TX                                  0x204 0x46C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_I2C3_SCL                                      0x204 0x46C 0x588 0x2 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_SAI5_RX_DATA2                                 0x204 0x46C 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_SAI5_TX_BCLK                                  0x204 0x46C 0x4E8 0x4 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SCLK_GPIO5_IO10                                    0x204 0x46C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_ECSPI2_MOSI                                   0x208 0x470 0x590 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_UART4_DCE_TX                                  0x208 0x470 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_UART4_DTE_RX                                  0x208 0x470 0x50C 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_I2C3_SDA                                      0x208 0x470 0x5BC 0x2 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_SAI5_RX_DATA3                                 0x208 0x470 0x4E0 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_SAI5_TX_DATA0                                 0x208 0x470 0x000 0x4 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MOSI_GPIO5_IO11                                    0x208 0x470 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_ECSPI2_MISO                                   0x20C 0x474 0x578 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_UART4_DCE_CTS_B                               0x20C 0x474 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_UART4_DTE_RTS_B                               0x20C 0x474 0x508 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_I2C4_SCL                                      0x20C 0x474 0x5D4 0x2 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_SAI5_MCLK                                     0x20C 0x474 0x594 0x3 0x4
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_MISO_GPIO5_IO12                                    0x20C 0x474 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SS0_ECSPI2_SS0                                     0x210 0x478 0x570 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SS0_UART4_DCE_RTS_B                                0x210 0x478 0x508 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SS0_UART4_DTE_CTS_B                                0x210 0x478 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SS0_I2C4_SDA                                       0x210 0x478 0x58C 0x2 0x5
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_ECSPI2_SS0_GPIO5_IO13                                     0x210 0x478 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SCL_I2C1_SCL                                         0x214 0x47C 0x55C 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SCL_ENET1_MDC                                        0x214 0x47C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SCL_ECSPI1_SCLK                                      0x214 0x47C 0x5D8 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SCL_GPIO5_IO14                                       0x214 0x47C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SDA_I2C1_SDA                                         0x218 0x480 0x56C 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SDA_ENET1_MDIO                                       0x218 0x480 0x4C0 0x1 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SDA_ECSPI1_MOSI                                      0x218 0x480 0x5A8 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C1_SDA_GPIO5_IO15                                       0x218 0x480 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_I2C2_SCL                                         0x21C 0x484 0x5D0 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_ENET1_1588_EVENT1_IN                             0x21C 0x484 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_USDHC3_CD_B                                      0x21C 0x484 0x598 0x2 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_ECSPI1_MISO                                      0x21C 0x484 0x5C4 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SCL_GPIO5_IO16                                       0x21C 0x484 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_I2C2_SDA                                         0x220 0x488 0x560 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_ENET1_1588_EVENT1_OUT                            0x220 0x488 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_USDHC3_WP                                        0x220 0x488 0x5B8 0x2 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_ECSPI1_SS0                                       0x220 0x488 0x564 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C2_SDA_GPIO5_IO17                                       0x220 0x488 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_I2C3_SCL                                         0x224 0x48C 0x588 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_PWM4_OUT                                         0x224 0x48C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_GPT2_CLK                                         0x224 0x48C 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_ECSPI2_SCLK                                      0x224 0x48C 0x580 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SCL_GPIO5_IO18                                       0x224 0x48C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_I2C3_SDA                                         0x228 0x490 0x5BC 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_PWM3_OUT                                         0x228 0x490 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_GPT3_CLK                                         0x228 0x490 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_ECSPI2_MOSI                                      0x228 0x490 0x590 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C3_SDA_GPIO5_IO19                                       0x228 0x490 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SCL_I2C4_SCL                                         0x22C 0x494 0x5D4 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SCL_PWM2_OUT                                         0x22C 0x494 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SCL_ECSPI2_MISO                                      0x22C 0x494 0x578 0x3 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SCL_GPIO5_IO20                                       0x22C 0x494 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SDA_I2C4_SDA                                         0x230 0x498 0x58C 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SDA_PWM1_OUT                                         0x230 0x498 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SDA_ECSPI2_SS0                                       0x230 0x498 0x570 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_I2C4_SDA_GPIO5_IO21                                       0x230 0x498 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_RXD_UART1_DCE_RX                                    0x234 0x49C 0x4F4 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_RXD_UART1_DTE_TX                                    0x234 0x49C 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_RXD_ECSPI3_SCLK                                     0x234 0x49C 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_RXD_GPIO5_IO22                                      0x234 0x49C 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_TXD_UART1_DCE_TX                                    0x238 0x4A0 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_TXD_UART1_DTE_RX                                    0x238 0x4A0 0x4F4 0x0 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_TXD_ECSPI3_MOSI                                     0x238 0x4A0 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART1_TXD_GPIO5_IO23                                      0x238 0x4A0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_RXD_UART2_DCE_RX                                    0x23C 0x4A4 0x4FC 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_RXD_UART2_DTE_TX                                    0x23C 0x4A4 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_RXD_ECSPI3_MISO                                     0x23C 0x4A4 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_RXD_GPT1_COMPARE3                                   0x23C 0x4A4 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_RXD_GPIO5_IO24                                      0x23C 0x4A4 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_TXD_UART2_DCE_TX                                    0x240 0x4A8 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_TXD_UART2_DTE_RX                                    0x240 0x4A8 0x4FC 0x0 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_TXD_ECSPI3_SS0                                      0x240 0x4A8 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_TXD_GPT1_COMPARE2                                   0x240 0x4A8 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART2_TXD_GPIO5_IO25                                      0x240 0x4A8 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_UART3_DCE_RX                                    0x244 0x4AC 0x504 0x0 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_UART3_DTE_TX                                    0x244 0x4AC 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_UART1_DCE_CTS_B                                 0x244 0x4AC 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_UART1_DTE_RTS_B                                 0x244 0x4AC 0x4F0 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_USDHC3_RESET_B                                  0x244 0x4AC 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_GPT1_CAPTURE2                                   0x244 0x4AC 0x5EC 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_RXD_GPIO5_IO26                                      0x244 0x4AC 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_UART3_DCE_TX                                    0x248 0x4B0 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_UART3_DTE_RX                                    0x248 0x4B0 0x504 0x0 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_UART1_DCE_RTS_B                                 0x248 0x4B0 0x4F0 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_UART1_DTE_CTS_B                                 0x248 0x4B0 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_USDHC3_VSELECT                                  0x248 0x4B0 0x000 0x2 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_GPT1_CLK                                        0x248 0x4B0 0x5E8 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART3_TXD_GPIO5_IO27                                      0x248 0x4B0 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_UART4_DCE_RX                                    0x24C 0x4B4 0x50C 0x0 0x2
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_UART4_DTE_TX                                    0x24C 0x4B4 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_UART2_DCE_CTS_B                                 0x24C 0x4B4 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_UART2_DTE_RTS_B                                 0x24C 0x4B4 0x4F8 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_GPT1_COMPARE1                                   0x24C 0x4B4 0x000 0x3 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_RXD_GPIO5_IO28                                      0x24C 0x4B4 0x000 0x5 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_UART4_DCE_TX                                    0x250 0x4B8 0x000 0x0 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_UART4_DTE_RX                                    0x250 0x4B8 0x50C 0x0 0x3
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_UART2_DCE_RTS_B                                 0x250 0x4B8 0x4F8 0x1 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_UART2_DTE_CTS_B                                 0x250 0x4B8 0x000 0x1 0x0
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_GPT1_CAPTURE1                                   0x250 0x4B8 0x5F0 0x3 0x1
+#define MX8MN_IOMUXC_UART4_TXD_GPIO5_IO29                                      0x250 0x4B8 0x000 0x5 0x0
 #endif /* __DTS_IMX8MN_PINFUNC_H */
diff --git a/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn.dtsi b/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn.dtsi
index f5eff35986..ee17902304 100644
--- a/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn.dtsi
+++ b/arch/arm/dts/imx8mn.dtsi
@@ -7,11 +7,11 @@
 #include <dt-bindings/gpio/gpio.h>
 #include <dt-bindings/input/input.h>
 #include <dt-bindings/interrupt-controller/arm-gic.h>
+#include <dt-bindings/thermal/thermal.h>
 #include "imx8mn-pinfunc.h"
 / {
-	compatible = "fsl,imx8mn";
 	interrupt-parent = <&gic>;
 	#address-cells = <2>;
 	#size-cells = <2>;
@@ -43,6 +43,19 @@
 		#address-cells = <1>;
 		#size-cells = <0>;
+		idle-states {
+			entry-method = "psci";
+			cpu_pd_wait: cpu-pd-wait {
+				compatible = "arm,idle-state";
+				arm,psci-suspend-param = <0x0010033>;
+				local-timer-stop;
+				entry-latency-us = <1000>;
+				exit-latency-us = <700>;
+				min-residency-us = <2700>;
+			};
+		};
 		A53_0: cpu at 0 {
 			device_type = "cpu";
 			compatible = "arm,cortex-a53";
@@ -51,6 +64,11 @@
 			clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_ARM>;
 			enable-method = "psci";
 			next-level-cache = <&A53_L2>;
+			operating-points-v2 = <&a53_opp_table>;
+			nvmem-cells = <&cpu_speed_grade>;
+			nvmem-cell-names = "speed_grade";
+			cpu-idle-states = <&cpu_pd_wait>;
+			#cooling-cells = <2>;
 		A53_1: cpu at 1 {
@@ -61,6 +79,9 @@
 			clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_ARM>;
 			enable-method = "psci";
 			next-level-cache = <&A53_L2>;
+			operating-points-v2 = <&a53_opp_table>;
+			cpu-idle-states = <&cpu_pd_wait>;
+			#cooling-cells = <2>;
 		A53_2: cpu at 2 {
@@ -71,6 +92,9 @@
 			clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_ARM>;
 			enable-method = "psci";
 			next-level-cache = <&A53_L2>;
+			operating-points-v2 = <&a53_opp_table>;
+			cpu-idle-states = <&cpu_pd_wait>;
+			#cooling-cells = <2>;
 		A53_3: cpu at 3 {
@@ -81,6 +105,9 @@
 			clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_ARM>;
 			enable-method = "psci";
 			next-level-cache = <&A53_L2>;
+			operating-points-v2 = <&a53_opp_table>;
+			cpu-idle-states = <&cpu_pd_wait>;
+			#cooling-cells = <2>;
 		A53_L2: l2-cache0 {
@@ -88,9 +115,33 @@
-	memory at 40000000 {
-		device_type = "memory";
-		reg = <0x0 0x40000000 0 0x80000000>;
+	a53_opp_table: opp-table {
+		compatible = "operating-points-v2";
+		opp-shared;
+		opp-1200000000 {
+			opp-hz = /bits/ 64 <1200000000>;
+			opp-microvolt = <850000>;
+			opp-supported-hw = <0xb00>, <0x7>;
+			clock-latency-ns = <150000>;
+			opp-suspend;
+		};
+		opp-1400000000 {
+			opp-hz = /bits/ 64 <1400000000>;
+			opp-microvolt = <950000>;
+			opp-supported-hw = <0x300>, <0x7>;
+			clock-latency-ns = <150000>;
+			opp-suspend;
+		};
+		opp-1500000000 {
+			opp-hz = /bits/ 64 <1500000000>;
+			opp-microvolt = <1000000>;
+			opp-supported-hw = <0x100>, <0x3>;
+			clock-latency-ns = <150000>;
+			opp-suspend;
+		};
 	osc_32k: clock-osc-32k {
@@ -135,17 +186,56 @@
 		clock-output-names = "clk_ext4";
+	pmu {
+		compatible = "arm,cortex-a53-pmu";
+		interrupts = <GIC_PPI 7
+		interrupt-affinity = <&A53_0>, <&A53_1>, <&A53_2>, <&A53_3>;
+	};
 	psci {
 		compatible = "arm,psci-1.0";
 		method = "smc";
+	thermal-zones {
+		cpu-thermal {
+			polling-delay-passive = <250>;
+			polling-delay = <2000>;
+			thermal-sensors = <&tmu>;
+			trips {
+				cpu_alert0: trip0 {
+					temperature = <85000>;
+					hysteresis = <2000>;
+					type = "passive";
+				};
+				cpu_crit0: trip1 {
+					temperature = <95000>;
+					hysteresis = <2000>;
+					type = "critical";
+				};
+			};
+			cooling-maps {
+				map0 {
+					trip = <&cpu_alert0>;
+					cooling-device =
+				};
+			};
+		};
+	};
 	timer {
 		compatible = "arm,armv8-timer";
-		interrupts = <GIC_PPI 13 (GIC_CPU_MASK_SIMPLE(6) | IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_LOW)>,
+		interrupts = <GIC_PPI 13 (GIC_CPU_MASK_SIMPLE(4) | IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_LOW)>,
 		clock-frequency = <8000000>;
@@ -163,6 +253,149 @@
 			#size-cells = <1>;
+			spba: bus at 30000000 {
+				compatible = "fsl,spba-bus", "simple-bus";
+				#address-cells = <1>;
+				#size-cells = <1>;
+				reg = <0x30000000 0x100000>;
+				ranges;
+				sai2: sai at 30020000 {
+					compatible = "fsl,imx8mm-sai", "fsl,imx8mq-sai";
+					reg = <0x30020000 0x10000>;
+					interrupts = <GIC_SPI 96 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SAI2_IPG>,
+						<&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>,
+						<&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SAI2_ROOT>,
+						<&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>, <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>;
+					clock-names = "bus", "mclk0", "mclk1", "mclk2", "mclk3";
+					dmas = <&sdma2 2 2 0>, <&sdma2 3 2 0>;
+					dma-names = "rx", "tx";
+					status = "disabled";
+				};
+				sai3: sai at 30030000 {
+					compatible = "fsl,imx8mm-sai", "fsl,imx8mq-sai";
+					reg = <0x30030000 0x10000>;
+					interrupts = <GIC_SPI 50 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SAI3_IPG>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SAI3_ROOT>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>, <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>;
+					clock-names = "bus", "mclk0", "mclk1", "mclk2", "mclk3";
+					dmas = <&sdma2 4 2 0>, <&sdma2 5 2 0>;
+					dma-names = "rx", "tx";
+					status = "disabled";
+				};
+				sai5: sai at 30050000 {
+					compatible = "fsl,imx8mm-sai", "fsl,imx8mq-sai";
+					reg = <0x30050000 0x10000>;
+					interrupts = <GIC_SPI 90 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SAI5_IPG>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SAI5_ROOT>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>, <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>;
+					clock-names = "bus", "mclk0", "mclk1", "mclk2", "mclk3";
+					dmas = <&sdma2 8 2 0>, <&sdma2 9 2 0>;
+					dma-names = "rx", "tx";
+					fsl,shared-interrupt;
+					fsl,dataline = <0 0xf 0xf>;
+					status = "disabled";
+				};
+				sai6: sai at 30060000 {
+					compatible = "fsl,imx8mm-sai", "fsl,imx8mq-sai";
+					reg = <0x30060000  0x10000>;
+					interrupts = <GIC_SPI 90 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SAI6_IPG>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SAI6_ROOT>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>, <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>;
+					clock-names = "bus", "mclk0", "mclk1", "mclk2", "mclk3";
+					dmas = <&sdma2 10 2 0>, <&sdma2 11 2 0>;
+					dma-names = "rx", "tx";
+					status = "disabled";
+				};
+				micfil: audio-controller at 30080000 {
+					compatible = "fsl,imx8mm-micfil";
+					reg = <0x30080000 0x10000>;
+					interrupts = <GIC_SPI 109 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
+						     <GIC_SPI 110 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
+						     <GIC_SPI 44 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
+						     <GIC_SPI 45 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_PDM_IPG>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_PDM_ROOT>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_AUDIO_PLL1_OUT>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_AUDIO_PLL2_OUT>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_EXT3>;
+					clock-names = "ipg_clk", "ipg_clk_app",
+						      "pll8k", "pll11k", "clkext3";
+					dmas = <&sdma2 24 25 0x80000000>;
+					dma-names = "rx";
+					status = "disabled";
+				};
+				spdif1: spdif at 30090000 {
+					compatible = "fsl,imx35-spdif";
+					reg = <0x30090000 0x10000>;
+					interrupts = <GIC_SPI 6 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_AUDIO_AHB>, /* core */
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_24M>, /* rxtx0 */
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SPDIF1>, /* rxtx1 */
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>, /* rxtx2 */
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>, /* rxtx3 */
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>, /* rxtx4 */
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_AUDIO_AHB>, /* rxtx5 */
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>, /* rxtx6 */
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>, /* rxtx7 */
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>; /* spba */
+					clock-names = "core", "rxtx0",
+						      "rxtx1", "rxtx2",
+						      "rxtx3", "rxtx4",
+						      "rxtx5", "rxtx6",
+						      "rxtx7", "spba";
+					dmas = <&sdma2 28 18 0>, <&sdma2 29 18 0>;
+					dma-names = "rx", "tx";
+					status = "disabled";
+				};
+				sai7: sai at 300b0000 {
+					compatible = "fsl,imx8mm-sai", "fsl,imx8mq-sai";
+					reg = <0x300b0000 0x10000>;
+					interrupts = <GIC_SPI 111 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SAI7_IPG>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SAI7_ROOT>,
+						 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>, <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>;
+					clock-names = "bus", "mclk0", "mclk1", "mclk2", "mclk3";
+					dmas = <&sdma2 12 2 0>, <&sdma2 13 2 0>;
+					dma-names = "rx", "tx";
+					status = "disabled";
+				};
+				easrc: easrc at 300c0000 {
+					compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-easrc";
+					reg = <0x300c0000 0x10000>;
+					interrupts = <GIC_SPI 122 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_ASRC_ROOT>;
+					clock-names = "mem";
+					dmas = <&sdma2 16 23 0> , <&sdma2 17 23 0>,
+					       <&sdma2 18 23 0> , <&sdma2 19 23 0>,
+					       <&sdma2 20 23 0> , <&sdma2 21 23 0>,
+					       <&sdma2 22 23 0> , <&sdma2 23 23 0>;
+					dma-names = "ctx0_rx", "ctx0_tx",
+						    "ctx1_rx", "ctx1_tx",
+						    "ctx2_rx", "ctx2_tx",
+						    "ctx3_rx", "ctx3_tx";
+					firmware-name = "imx/easrc/easrc-imx8mn.bin";
+					fsl,asrc-rate  = <8000>;
+					fsl,asrc-format = <2>;
+					status = "disabled";
+				};
+			};
 			gpio1: gpio at 30200000 {
 				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-gpio", "fsl,imx35-gpio";
 				reg = <0x30200000 0x10000>;
@@ -173,6 +406,7 @@
 				#gpio-cells = <2>;
 				#interrupt-cells = <2>;
+				gpio-ranges = <&iomuxc 0 10 30>;
 			gpio2: gpio at 30210000 {
@@ -185,6 +419,7 @@
 				#gpio-cells = <2>;
 				#interrupt-cells = <2>;
+				gpio-ranges = <&iomuxc 0 40 21>;
 			gpio3: gpio at 30220000 {
@@ -197,6 +432,7 @@
 				#gpio-cells = <2>;
 				#interrupt-cells = <2>;
+				gpio-ranges = <&iomuxc 0 61 26>;
 			gpio4: gpio at 30230000 {
@@ -209,6 +445,7 @@
 				#gpio-cells = <2>;
 				#interrupt-cells = <2>;
+				gpio-ranges = <&iomuxc 21 108 11>;
 			gpio5: gpio at 30240000 {
@@ -221,6 +458,14 @@
 				#gpio-cells = <2>;
 				#interrupt-cells = <2>;
+				gpio-ranges = <&iomuxc 0 119 30>;
+			};
+			tmu: tmu at 30260000 {
+				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-tmu", "fsl,imx8mm-tmu";
+				reg = <0x30260000 0x10000>;
+				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_TMU_ROOT>;
+				#thermal-sensor-cells = <0>;
 			wdog1: watchdog at 30280000 {
@@ -248,7 +493,7 @@
 			sdma3: dma-controller at 302b0000 {
-				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-sdma", "fsl,imx7d-sdma";
+				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-sdma", "fsl,imx8mq-sdma";
 				reg = <0x302b0000 0x10000>;
 				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 34 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
 				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SDMA3_ROOT>,
@@ -259,7 +504,7 @@
 			sdma2: dma-controller at 302c0000 {
-				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-sdma", "fsl,imx7d-sdma";
+				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-sdma", "fsl,imx8mq-sdma";
 				reg = <0x302c0000 0x10000>;
 				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 103 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
 				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SDMA2_ROOT>,
@@ -279,15 +524,21 @@
 				reg = <0x30340000 0x10000>;
-			ocotp: ocotp-ctrl at 30350000 {
-				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-ocotp", "fsl,imx7d-ocotp", "syscon";
+			ocotp: efuse at 30350000 {
+				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-ocotp", "fsl,imx8mm-ocotp", "syscon";
 				reg = <0x30350000 0x10000>;
 				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_OCOTP_ROOT>;
+				#address-cells = <1>;
+				#size-cells = <1>;
+				cpu_speed_grade: speed-grade at 10 {
+					reg = <0x10 4>;
+				};
 			anatop: anatop at 30360000 {
 				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-anatop", "fsl,imx8mm-anatop",
-					     "syscon", "simple-bus";
+					     "syscon";
 				reg = <0x30360000 0x10000>;
@@ -301,6 +552,7 @@
 					offset = <0x34>;
 					interrupts = <GIC_SPI 19 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
 						     <GIC_SPI 20 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SNVS_ROOT>;
 					clock-names = "snvs-rtc";
@@ -308,6 +560,8 @@
 					compatible = "fsl,sec-v4.0-pwrkey";
 					regmap = <&snvs>;
 					interrupts = <GIC_SPI 4 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SNVS_ROOT>;
+					clock-names = "snvs-pwrkey";
 					linux,keycode = <KEY_POWER>;
 					status = "disabled";
@@ -322,10 +576,24 @@
 					 <&clk_ext3>, <&clk_ext4>;
 				clock-names = "osc_32k", "osc_24m", "clk_ext1", "clk_ext2",
 					      "clk_ext3", "clk_ext4";
+				assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_A53_SRC>,
+						<&clk IMX8MN_CLK_A53_CORE>,
+						<&clk IMX8MN_CLK_NOC>,
+						<&clk IMX8MN_CLK_AUDIO_AHB>,
+						<&clk IMX8MN_CLK_IPG_AUDIO_ROOT>,
+						<&clk IMX8MN_SYS_PLL3>;
+				assigned-clock-parents = <&clk IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_800M>,
+							 <&clk IMX8MN_ARM_PLL_OUT>,
+							 <&clk IMX8MN_SYS_PLL3_OUT>,
+							 <&clk IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_800M>;
+				assigned-clock-rates = <0>, <0>, <0>,
+							<400000000>,
+							<400000000>,
+							<600000000>;
 			src: reset-controller at 30390000 {
-				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-src", "syscon";
+				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-src", "fsl,imx8mq-src", "syscon";
 				reg = <0x30390000 0x10000>;
 				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 89 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
 				#reset-cells = <1>;
@@ -382,6 +650,14 @@
 				#pwm-cells = <2>;
 				status = "disabled";
+			system_counter: timer at 306a0000 {
+				compatible = "nxp,sysctr-timer";
+				reg = <0x306a0000 0x20000>;
+				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 47 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+				clocks = <&osc_24m>;
+				clock-names = "per";
+			};
 		aips3: bus at 30800000 {
@@ -467,6 +743,36 @@
 				status = "disabled";
+			crypto: crypto at 30900000 {
+				compatible = "fsl,sec-v4.0";
+				#address-cells = <1>;
+				#size-cells = <1>;
+				reg = <0x30900000 0x40000>;
+				ranges = <0 0x30900000 0x40000>;
+				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 91 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_AHB>,
+					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_IPG_ROOT>;
+				clock-names = "aclk", "ipg";
+				sec_jr0: jr at 1000 {
+					 compatible = "fsl,sec-v4.0-job-ring";
+					 reg = <0x1000 0x1000>;
+					 interrupts = <GIC_SPI 105 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+				};
+				sec_jr1: jr at 2000 {
+					 compatible = "fsl,sec-v4.0-job-ring";
+					 reg = <0x2000 0x1000>;
+					 interrupts = <GIC_SPI 106 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+				};
+				sec_jr2: jr at 3000 {
+					 compatible = "fsl,sec-v4.0-job-ring";
+					 reg = <0x3000 0x1000>;
+					 interrupts = <GIC_SPI 114 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+				};
+			};
 			i2c1: i2c at 30a20000 {
 				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-i2c", "fsl,imx21-i2c";
 				#address-cells = <1>;
@@ -519,16 +825,22 @@
 				status = "disabled";
+			mu: mailbox at 30aa0000 {
+				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-mu", "fsl,imx6sx-mu";
+				reg = <0x30aa0000 0x10000>;
+				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 88 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_MU_ROOT>;
+				#mbox-cells = <2>;
+			};
 			usdhc1: mmc at 30b40000 {
 				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-usdhc", "fsl,imx7d-usdhc";
 				reg = <0x30b40000 0x10000>;
 				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 22 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
-				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>,
+				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_IPG_ROOT>,
 					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_NAND_USDHC_BUS>,
 					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USDHC1_ROOT>;
 				clock-names = "ipg", "ahb", "per";
-				assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USDHC1>;
-				assigned-clock-rates = <400000000>;
 				fsl,tuning-start-tap = <20>;
 				fsl,tuning-step= <2>;
 				bus-width = <4>;
@@ -539,7 +851,7 @@
 				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-usdhc", "fsl,imx7d-usdhc";
 				reg = <0x30b50000 0x10000>;
 				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 23 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
-				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>,
+				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_IPG_ROOT>,
 					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_NAND_USDHC_BUS>,
 					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USDHC2_ROOT>;
 				clock-names = "ipg", "ahb", "per";
@@ -553,12 +865,10 @@
 				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-usdhc", "fsl,imx7d-usdhc";
 				reg = <0x30b60000 0x10000>;
 				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 24 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
-				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DUMMY>,
+				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_IPG_ROOT>,
 					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_NAND_USDHC_BUS>,
 					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USDHC3_ROOT>;
 				clock-names = "ipg", "ahb", "per";
-				assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USDHC3_ROOT>;
-				assigned-clock-rates = <400000000>;
 				fsl,tuning-start-tap = <20>;
 				fsl,tuning-step= <2>;
 				bus-width = <4>;
@@ -566,11 +876,11 @@
 			sdma1: dma-controller at 30bd0000 {
-				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-sdma", "fsl,imx7d-sdma";
+				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-sdma", "fsl,imx8mq-sdma";
 				reg = <0x30bd0000 0x10000>;
 				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 2 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
 				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SDMA1_ROOT>,
-					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_SDMA1_ROOT>;
+					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_AHB>;
 				clock-names = "ipg", "ahb";
 				#dma-cells = <3>;
 				fsl,sdma-ram-script-name = "imx/sdma/sdma-imx7d.bin";
@@ -581,7 +891,8 @@
 				reg = <0x30be0000 0x10000>;
 				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 118 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
 					     <GIC_SPI 119 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
-					     <GIC_SPI 120 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+					     <GIC_SPI 120 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>,
+					     <GIC_SPI 121 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
 				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_ENET1_ROOT>,
 					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_ENET1_ROOT>,
 					 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_ENET_TIMER>,
@@ -617,10 +928,8 @@
 				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 40 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
 				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB1_CTRL_ROOT>;
 				clock-names = "usb1_ctrl_root_clk";
-				assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB_BUS>,
-						  <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB_CORE_REF>;
-				assigned-clock-parents = <&clk IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_500M>,
-							 <&clk IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_100M>;
+				assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB_BUS>;
+				assigned-clock-parents = <&clk IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_500M>;
 				fsl,usbphy = <&usbphynop1>;
 				fsl,usbmisc = <&usbmisc1 0>;
 				status = "disabled";
@@ -631,28 +940,6 @@
 				#index-cells = <1>;
 				reg = <0x32e40200 0x200>;
-			usbotg2: usb at 32e50000 {
-				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-usb", "fsl,imx7d-usb";
-				reg = <0x32e50000 0x200>;
-				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 41 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
-				clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB1_CTRL_ROOT>;
-				clock-names = "usb1_ctrl_root_clk";
-				assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB_BUS>,
-						  <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB_CORE_REF>;
-				assigned-clock-parents = <&clk IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_500M>,
-							 <&clk IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_100M>;
-				fsl,usbphy = <&usbphynop2>;
-				fsl,usbmisc = <&usbmisc2 0>;
-				status = "disabled";
-			};
-			usbmisc2: usbmisc at 32e50200 {
-				compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-usbmisc", "fsl,imx7d-usbmisc";
-				#index-cells = <1>;
-				reg = <0x32e50200 0x200>;
-			};
 		dma_apbh: dma-controller at 33000000 {
@@ -692,17 +979,25 @@
 			interrupts = <GIC_PPI 9 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
-	};
-	usbphynop1: usbphynop1 {
-		compatible = "usb-nop-xceiv";
-		clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB_PHY_REF>;
-		assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB_PHY_REF>;
-		assigned-clock-parents = <&clk IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_100M>;
-		clock-names = "main_clk";
+		ddrc: memory-controller at 3d400000 {
+			compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-ddrc", "fsl,imx8m-ddrc";
+			reg = <0x3d400000 0x400000>;
+			clock-names = "core", "pll", "alt", "apb";
+			clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DRAM_CORE>,
+				 <&clk IMX8MN_DRAM_PLL>,
+				 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DRAM_ALT>,
+				 <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_DRAM_APB>;
+		};
+		ddr-pmu at 3d800000 {
+			compatible = "fsl,imx8mn-ddr-pmu", "fsl,imx8m-ddr-pmu";
+			reg = <0x3d800000 0x400000>;
+			interrupts = <GIC_SPI 98 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
+		};
-	usbphynop2: usbphynop2 {
+	usbphynop1: usbphynop1 {
 		compatible = "usb-nop-xceiv";
 		clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB_PHY_REF>;
 		assigned-clocks = <&clk IMX8MN_CLK_USB_PHY_REF>;
diff --git a/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx8mn-clock.h b/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx8mn-clock.h
index 5255b1c242..621ea0e87c 100644
--- a/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx8mn-clock.h
+++ b/include/dt-bindings/clock/imx8mn-clock.h
@@ -122,8 +122,8 @@
 #define IMX8MN_CLK_I2C1				105
 #define IMX8MN_CLK_I2C2				106
 #define IMX8MN_CLK_I2C3				107
-#define IMX8MN_CLK_I2C4				118
-#define IMX8MN_CLK_UART1			119
+#define IMX8MN_CLK_I2C4				108
+#define IMX8MN_CLK_UART1			109
 #define IMX8MN_CLK_UART2			110
 #define IMX8MN_CLK_UART3			111
 #define IMX8MN_CLK_UART4			112
@@ -209,7 +209,31 @@
 #define IMX8MN_CLK_ARM				191
 #define IMX8MN_CLK_GPU_CORE_ROOT		193
+#define IMX8MN_CLK_GIC				194
-#define IMX8MN_CLK_END				194
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_40M_CG			195
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_80M_CG			196
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_100M_CG			197
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_133M_CG			198
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_160M_CG			199
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_200M_CG			200
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_266M_CG			201
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL1_400M_CG			202
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_50M_CG			203
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_100M_CG			204
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_125M_CG			205
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_166M_CG			206
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_200M_CG			207
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_250M_CG			208
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_333M_CG			209
+#define IMX8MN_SYS_PLL2_500M_CG			210
+#define IMX8MN_CLK_SNVS_ROOT			211
+#define IMX8MN_CLK_GPU_CORE			212
+#define IMX8MN_CLK_GPU_SHADER			213
+#define IMX8MN_CLK_A53_CORE			214
+#define IMX8MN_CLK_END				215

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