[PATCH 1/2] spi: nxp_fspi: Fix error reporting

Pratyush Yadav p.yadav at ti.com
Tue Jan 19 13:12:11 CET 2021

On 18/01/21 03:32PM, Adam Ford wrote:
> On the i.MX8M Mini, ret = clk_set_rate() sets ret to the value of the
> rate the clock was able to set.  When checking for errors, it only
> checks that it is not NULL.  Since positive numbers are not errors,
> only check for negative numbers when handling errors.
> Fixes: 383fded70c4f ("spi: nxp_fspi: new driver for the FlexSPI controller")
> Signed-off-by: Adam Ford <aford173 at gmail.com>

Reviewed-by: Pratyush Yadav <p.yadav at ti.com>

Pratyush Yadav
Texas Instruments India

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