[PATCH 03/11] pinctrl: single: fix debug messages formatting

Simon Glass sjg at chromium.org
Sun Jan 24 03:03:34 CET 2021

Hi Dario,

On Sat, 23 Jan 2021 at 11:27, Dario Binacchi <dariobin at libero.it> wrote:
> The printf '%pa' format specifier appends the '0x' prefix to the
> displayed address. Furthermore, the offset variable is displayed with
> the '%x' format specifier instead of '%pa'.

Please start your commit message with the problem and then describe
what your patch does. It is unclear from this commit message why we
need this patch :-)
> Signed-off-by: Dario Binacchi <dariobin at libero.it>
> ---
>  drivers/pinctrl/pinctrl-single.c | 28 ++++++++++++++++------------
>  1 file changed, 16 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)


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