[PATCH v2 0/3] sunxi: OrangePi Zero 2: Ethernet support

Andre Przywara andre.przywara at arm.com
Wed Jan 27 02:06:35 CET 2021

The first two patches prepare the sun8i-emac driver to deal with the
EMAC as integrated into the H616 SoC. This IP block is compatible with
the A64 version, but the current driver prevents us from using that:
- The EPHY syscon register needs to have a bit cleared to select the
  external PHY. On the A64 it is cleared on reset, but we should not
  rely on that. The Linux driver does so as well. Fixed in patch 1/3.
- The pinmux setting is tied to the compatible string, but the H616
  requires a different value. Fixed in patch 2/3.

The final patch enables Ethernet support for the OrangePi Zero 2 board,
which now works without further ado.


Andre Przywara (3):
  net: sun8i-emac: Always clear syscon EPHY register
  net: sun8i-emac: Determine pinmux based on SoC, not EMAC type
  sunxi: OrangePi Zero 2: Enable Ethernet

 configs/orangepi_zero2_defconfig |  2 ++
 drivers/net/sun8i_emac.c         | 59 ++++++++++++++++++--------------
 2 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 26 deletions(-)


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