Patches pending for review

Daniel Schwierzeck daniel.schwierzeck at
Tue Mar 16 23:24:10 CET 2021

Am Montag, den 15.03.2021, 21:24 +0000 schrieb Aleksandar Gerasimovski:
> Hi Folks,
> Hope you are all well!
> I guess you have verry busy times, but I have to ask about the state
> of my last two patches on patchwork:
> They are in same state since almost a month, and for me it looks like
> they are forgotten.
> Is it possible to get attention from some of you? Thanks in advance!

I don't know why the patches were assigned to me and who did that. Also
the patches were in state "Changes requested" so they were not visible
in my patchwork inbox. Maybe someone's patchwork script went crazy ;)

I've reassigned the patches to Priyanka who is NXP maintainer and
changed the state to "New". Hope this helps ;)

- Daniel

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