[PATCH 0/6] octeontx cleanup and fixes

Tim Harvey tharvey at gateworks.com
Fri Mar 26 16:51:53 CET 2021

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 11:49 PM Stefan Roese <sr at denx.de> wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> On 26.03.21 01:07, Tim Harvey wrote:
> > This series provides the following for octeontx:
> > - cleanup to the octeontx common header file by moving
> >    CONFIG_SUPPORT_RAW_INITRD to defconfig files,
> > - adds generic distro config support
> > - add missing SBSA watchdog to config
> > - fix an issue found with QML connected to a QSGMII PHY
> > - fix an issue with mii probe failing to find mdio busses
> > - fix a crash when scanning for sata devices
> >
> > These were tested on a Gateworks Newport GW6404 with the CN8030
> > SoC.
> Many thanks for working on this. Do you plan to send your GW6404 support
> to the list for upstreaming as well?

Stefan / Aaron / Suneel,

Many thanks to you all for keeping up on the octeontx/tx2 support - I
was happy to notice it finally all got merged.

On top of this series the GW6404 works just fine with nothing other
than it's own defconfig. The items I change from the
octentx_81xx_defconfig are:
- env location and redundancy (board specific so this makes sense)
- enabling of generic distro config (which honestly I think every
development board from vendors should be using)
- CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE: octeontx_81xx_defconfig uses 0x2800000 which
makes my board crash. I use 0x500000 which is fine

I can't seem to find the physical memory map for the CN8030 to explain
the crash with the different text addr... it's likely that the
0x2800000 is suitable for the CN81xx but not the CN80xx due to the
difference in memory map. I know the CN80xx has half the L2 cache as
the CN81xx so perhaps this is the reason.

What board are you testing U-Boot octentx with? Do you test with
CN803x at all? The Marvell v10 SDK doesn't support the CN80xx because
the BDK boot stub became so bloated it didn't fit into its L2 cache
(which is half the size of the CN81xx).

Is there any support coming from Marvell to support U-Boot SPL as a
replacement for the horribly slow and bulky BDK for OcteonTX?

What is used as an SPL for the OcteonTX2? We are working on a CN91xx
board design and I'm waiting for the Marvell SDK v11 drop before I dig
too deeply into what U-Boot support is there. I know the CN91xx
reference board I had access to booted to U-Boot extremely fast so the
BDK must not be used.

I do also have some proposed changes to
board/Marvell/octeontx/board-fdt.c ft_board_setup to allow booting
with a loaded DTB that I'll probably submit sometime soon.

Best regards,


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