cramfs: unsupported filesystem features - ERROR

Marko Stanisic sankerspace at
Tue May 4 00:19:59 CEST 2021

I have created an emmc.img in Buildroot 2020.11 and flashed an emmc 
modul with that image.

The emmc.img file has two partitions with cramfs filesystem.(but i only 
have to load one) I tried to load the cramfs partition from the emmc 
into the RAM with the *cramfsls* - command and Iam very sure that i 
correctly loaded the cramfs partition with *mmc read* into the RAM.

I checked the RAM content with md.b - command and compared the first 
512byte visually with the hexdump of the rootfs.cramfs image (created by 
the genimage tool - called by buildroot).

But the problem ist that I get that weird error message *cramfs: 
unsupported filesystem features* in u-boot 2016.03 and i have no idea 
why. Normal gzip compression was used and XIP was turned off in the 
buildroot menuconfig.

Has anyone an idea, about the error message?

Note: I defined the "cramfsaddr" environment variable with an address 
location in the ram. That should be set to define an RAM address 
location inside the RAM to laod the cramfs partition.

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