[PATCH v9 00/28] mtd: spi-nor-core: add xSPI Octal DTR support

Pratyush Yadav p.yadav at ti.com
Mon May 10 15:20:39 CEST 2021


On 05/05/21 03:11PM, Pratyush Yadav wrote:
> Hi,
> This series adds support for octal DTR flashes in the SPI NOR framework,
> and then adds hooks for the Cypress S28HS512T and Micron MT35XU512ABA
> flashes.
> The Cadence QSPI controller driver is also updated to run in Octal DTR
> mode.
> Tested on TI J721E for MT35XU512ABA and J7200 for S28HS512T. Also tested
> on MT25QU512A for regressions.

Can you please pick this series up as soon as possible? It makes lots of 
changes to the SPI NOR core. Let's cook this in next for a while to 
catch out any issues. This would avoid surprises close to the merge 

Pratyush Yadav
Texas Instruments Inc.

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