[PATCH v2 16/50] image: Add Kconfig options for FIT in the host build

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Wed May 12 00:34:27 CEST 2021

On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 02:57:03PM -0500, Alex G. wrote:
> On 5/6/21 9:24 AM, Simon Glass wrote:
> > In preparation for enabling CONFIG_IS_ENABLED() on the host build, add
> > some options to enable the various FIT options expected in these tools.
> > This will ensure that the code builds correctly when CONFIG_HOST_xxx
> > is distinct from CONFIG_xxx.
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <sjg at chromium.org>
> Reviewed-by: Alexandru Gagniuc <mr.nuke.me at gmail.com>
> This makes me wonder whether we should just always enable host features.
> Right now, each defconfig can have a different mkimage config. So we should
> really have mkimage-imx8, mkimage-stm32mp, etc, which support different
> feature sets. This doesn't make much sense.
> The alternative is to get rid of all these configs and always enable mkimage
> features. The disadvantage is that we'd require openssl for building target
> code.
> A second alternative is to have a mkimage-nossl that gets built and used
> when openssl isn't available. It's really just openssl that causes such a
> schism.

It would probably be best to have a single mkimage for everyone, with
everything on.  But before then we really need to move from openssl to
gnutls or some other library that's compatible as it's been raised
before that linking with openssl like we do is a license violation I

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