mirroring u-boot mailing list on lore.kernel.org

Rasmus Villemoes rasmus.villemoes at prevas.dk
Thu May 20 15:05:11 CEST 2021


When doing linux kernel work, the public-inbox archives at
lore.kernel.org are really useful.

- excellent search features
- stable links of the form lore.kernel.org/<list>/<msg-id>
- nice overview of threads
- ability to, with the b4 tool, download patches or whole series by
msg-id, and logic to compare those to previous versions

With U-Boot, I often miss these features.

I don't know if the kernel.org folks would be willing to host an archive
of the u-boot mailing list, but it's not entirely unlikely - they do
host a number of lists from the wider ecosystem (e.g. coccinelle, git)
[1]. But do anybody see or have a problem with me sending a request to
helpdesk at kernel.org to have it added [2]?


[1] https://lore.kernel.org/lists.html
[2] https://korg.docs.kernel.org/lore.html

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