Please pull u-boot-marvell/master

Stefan Roese sr at
Thu May 20 15:39:28 CEST 2021

Hi Tom,

please pull the next batch of Marvell Armada related patches, mostly
the ones dropped last time because of Xilinx issue (fixed now). Here
the summary log:

- Sync Armada mvpp2 ethernet driver with Marvell version (misc Marvell

Here the Azure build, without any issues:


The following changes since commit 27c2236f8acfa311eed2c8f8d210824fadd25483:

   Merge tag 'xilinx-for-v2021.07-rc3' of (2021-05-19 
11:50:25 -0400)

are available in the Git repository at:

   git at

for you to fetch changes up to c350601348b7c3adc958f676c699de66b39ada0e:

   arm: mvebu: armada-3720-uDPU.dts: Change back to phy-mode 
"2500base-x" (2021-05-20 13:05:31 +0200)

Ben Peled (3):
       net: mvpp2: AN Bypass in 1000 and 2500 basex mode
       net: mvpp2: remove unused define MVPP22_SMI_PHY_ADDR_REG
       net: mvpp2: fix missing switch case break

Marcin Wojtas (2):
       net: mvpp2: remove redundant SMI address configuration
       net: mvpp2: add explicit sgmii-2500 support

Stefan Chulski (5):
       phy: introduce 1000BaseX and 2500BaseX modes
       net: mvpp2: add CP115 port1 10G/5G SFI support
       net: mvpp2: add 1000BaseX and 2500BaseX ppv2 support
       net: mvpp2: Fix 2.5G GMII_SPEED configurations
       net: mvpp2: allow MDIO registration for fixed links

Stefan Roese (1):
       arm: mvebu: armada-3720-uDPU.dts: Change back to phy-mode 

  arch/arm/dts/armada-3720-uDPU.dts |   4 +-
  drivers/net/mvpp2.c               | 257 
  include/phy_interface.h           |   4 +
  3 files changed, 165 insertions(+), 100 deletions(-)

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