[PATCH 00/18] Migrate to DM_USB and OF_CONTROL support

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Sat May 22 14:46:59 CEST 2021

As I have mentioned in various release emails, now that various
migration deadlines are reaching the 3+ year mark, I'm taking more
drastic measures and removing boards or removing functionality from
boards, in order to complete migrations.  This series depends on the
DM_PCI migration series I had posted earlier and can be seen here:

With this series, I'm doing the DM_USB + OF_CONTROL migration.  A number
of kirkwood platforms already had OF_CONTROL support done, so a very
minimal DM enablement is done, but should be tested on real hardware.  I
would guess that if they don't work, disabling CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_F is
wrong and it needs to be enabled and a LEN of 0x2000 used as well if
the default is not large enough.  In another set of cases, the boards
are removed as other bigger migrations are also missing.

This series, as well as the DM_PCI one and the DM_VIDEO and
CONFIG_DM_SPI_FLASH series that will follow are intended to be applied
after v2021.07 is released, and based on how the DM_MMC migration series
was done for this release, probably around the -rc2 or -rc3 time-frame.
So there is some time left yet to migrate boards, but the deadline is
fast approaching.  Thanks all!


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