rockchip novice

Juan juang at
Tue Nov 2 01:54:00 CET 2021

	I have a rk3126 board(a cheap tablet) with a hynix nand chip (H27UCG8T2ETR). I've done some searching but couldn't find much info on how to write u-boot to nand. 

	I compiled u-boot from the rockchip repo (evb-rk3126_defconfig) but as far as I can tell there's no way to install it to nand. For instance, >mkimage -T list : gives
	rkimage          Rockchip Boot Image
	rksd             Rockchip SD Boot Image
	rkspi            Rockchip SPI Boot Image

	but rkimage says 
	mkimage: Can't print header for Rockchip Boot Image support: Success
	and puts 0x00000000 as header, so apparently it does nothing? (I'm assuming rkimage is  the option for nand).

	At the moment I can enter the rockchip "loader" mode via usb and am wondering a few things. 

	1) where the hell is that "loader" code located? It must be somewhere in the nand chip? 
	2) can I burn to nand a raw binary to blink a led and have the "loader" run it?
	3) is the "ID Block" header that the rom boot code looks for simply the "RK31" string and it must be somewhere in the nand chip? 

	apologies if the questions are dumb - any help would be greatly appreciated !


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