[PATCH] driver: gadget: fastboot: Link endpoint and descriptors

qianfan qianfanguijin at qq.com
Fri Nov 5 07:28:16 CET 2021

在 2021/11/4 0:53, Sean Anderson 写道:

> On 9/16/21 3:02 AM, qianfanguijin at 163.com wrote:
>> From: qianfan Zhao <qianfanguijin at 163.com>
>> If the downloading file size is equal to the partition size, "fastboot
>> flash" can't work, at least in sunxi platform, because used an
>> uninitalized point: ep->desc.
> Hm, I think that usb_ep_ops->enable needs to set ep->desc = desc on 
> success.
> Of the existing drivers, only musb-new and mtu3 skip this.

I checked the udc driver and found that not all the udc driver set 
"ep->desc = desc", such as atmel_usba_udc, dwc2_udc_otg, musb-new and 
mtu3. Those drivers save "desc" to bsp driver's private data only, such 
as "msub_ep->desc = desc", but the common usb_ep's desc is an invalid point.

And I'm not find any documents declare the behaves how 
usb_ep_ops->enable did, save desc or not.  So I'd prefect save desc in 
the fastboot level, and the udc driver can also save desc again if they 

> --Sean

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