kwboot: Testing latest kwboot with Kirkwood SoC boards

Pali Rohár pali at
Fri Nov 5 23:15:11 CET 2021

On Friday 05 November 2021 15:07:17 Tony Dinh wrote:
> > > Also, I have several Kirkwood boards (with various old BootROM
> > > versions) that I can run the kwboot tests on. Will keep you posted.
> >
> > Ok! Do you have some Kirkwood board with PCIe slot? If yes, I would like
> > to see dumps from config space of Kirkwood PCIe Root Port, see:
> >
> I have these Kirwood boards with PCI:
> - No slot (host bus for USB 3.0): Pogoplug V4 (6192), Zyxel NSA325v2
> (6282). These 2 boards can be kwboot.
> - Iomega iConnect (6281), with PCIe slot for Wifi card. This board
> does not have kwboot booting support.

What do you mean that it 'does not have kwboot booting support'?
88F6281 is also Kirkwood and UART booting with kwboot should work.

> I'll take a look at your link above and get back to you about the
> config space dumps.
> By the way, I'm starting to look at the driver/pci/pci_mvebu.c to see
> if it can be made to work with Kirkwood SoCs. I think there are many
> differences in the addresses and memory space. I would appreciate it
> if you have a general assessment whether I can use that driver for
> Kirkwood.

pci_mvebu.c should work with Kirkwood SoCs and also with all these
32-bit Marvell SoCs: Orion, Discovery, Kirkwood, Dove, A370, AXP, A375,
A38x and A39x. According to Functional Specifications all these SoCs
have common PCIe register set.

If there is any issue with it, I could try to look at it.

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