[PATCH 0/2] RFC: add fdt_add_pubkey tool

Jan Kiszka jan.kiszka at siemens.com
Tue Nov 9 10:16:53 CET 2021

On 08.11.21 16:28, Roman Kopytin wrote:
> In order to reduce the coupling between building the kernel and
> U-Boot, I'd like a tool that can add a public key to U-Boot's dtb
> without simultaneously signing a FIT image. That tool doesn't seem to
> exist, so I stole the necessary pieces from mkimage et al and put it
> in a single .c file.
> I'm still working on the details of my proposed "require just k out
> these n required keys" and how it should be implemented, but it will
> probably involve teaching this tool a bunch of new options. These
> patches are not necessarily ready for inclusion (unless someone else
> finds fdt_add_pubkey useful as is), but I thought I might as well send
> it out for early comments.

I'd also like to see the usage of this hooked into the build process.

And to my understanding of [1], that approach will provide a feature
that permits hooking with the build but would expect the key as dtsi
fragment. Can we consolidate the approaches?

My current vision of a user interface would be a Kconfig option that
takes a list of key files to be injected. Maybe make that three lists,
one for "required=image", one for "required=conf", and one for optional
keys (if that has a use case in practice, no idea).



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